Celebration of Smiles 2018- SAVE THE DATE!

Celebration of Smiles- A Difference Maker Charity Photography Event- Details Announced!


This year's annual Difference Maker Event, Celebration of Smiles, will be formatted differently this time around! So pay close attention to the details spelled out below!

**Please NOTE: If you have participated in the past... There are NO appointments necessary this year and the event will be held offsite, not at the studio, we will be setting up our mobile studio at the address below. All you have to do is show up! :)**

What is it? Celebration of Smiles is an annual event sponsored by Professional Photographers of America as a collaborative effort to benefit Operation Smiles, a charity that is able to perform cleft palette surgeries to children in need. Our photography studio, Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio participates every year because we believe that EVERYONE CAN BE A DIFFERENCE MAKER!! For every 10 smiles that we photograph (or for every $240 donation that we receive) Operation Smile is able to perform a life changing surgery!

Who can participate? Anyone! In this fast paced, appointment free environment, we photograph a headshot of just about anyone! We do request that babies be able to sit fully on their own, and that any pet that participates is mild mannered. We are looking for a bright and beautiful close up image, focusing on what we want to give back to others... a smile!

When is it? Saturday, April 7th, 2018 from 10am-2pm, 1st come, first served! NO APPOINTMENTS NECESSARY!

Where is it held? This year we have a gracious host we are working with at Bauter Dentistry Aesthetics, which is conveniently located in Boise at 210 W. Mallard Dr. Boise, ID 83706

How much does it cost? For a minimum donation of at least $24, you will receive a complimentary, individual, head shot session and a desk-sized print that we will gift to you!  ALL donations will go directly to PPA Charities to benefit Operation Smile.

What should I wear? Clothing should be primarily on the simple side of things, avoiding lots of bold patterns, stripes, or logos. Longer sleeves are usually recommended for anyone over the age of 12, and because these are close up images- you can relax- Phew! Bottoms and shoes aren't too much to worry about! Colors that are solid, neutral and flattering tend to make for the most timeless portraits.

When will my portraits be ready? It will take approximately 2-4 weeks to process and package your portrait, at which time we will call you to arrange an appointment time to either pick it up at the studio, or for $4.25 we can package at ship it to your home.

May I purchase more prints? Of course! When you pick up your portrait, an order form will be enclosed, that entitles you to special event pricing, should you need any additional copies of the portrait you receive.

Do I get my file? We are a full service, finished product studio, and we believe fully in the value of professionally printed portraits, we also understand that everyone loves to share! Therefore, a watermarked web file can be posted, by request, if you purchase any of our special edition event packages.

Anything else we should know? Yes, these are quick sessions, and due to the limited nature and availability, we will only be photographing individual, close up images during this event. As much as we LOVE to get creative with full body images and family group portraits, space and time dictate that that kind of fun will have to be saved for custom sessions scheduled at a later date. Think of these sessions as really, REALLY good, school type photos.

Are we going to get a good picture from a quick session? As professionals, photographing for over 20 years now, we are very well seasoned and will do everything possible to ensure you get the best quality available to you. And as with everything that Cherished Images does, satisfaction is always guaranteed, for any situation that we personally have control over. 2 year olds melting down in a puddle on the floor, and dogs that only want to chase squirrels will be given 100% effort and a promise to do the very best we can ;)

Still have questions? Please call us at the studio at 208-331-2288 and we will answer any additional questions you may have!


**New** The Santa Experience Video Posted!!

The Santa Experience By Cherished Images is BOOKING NOW!!

When: November 11th, 2017, limited appointments available

Where: Santa's Vintage Inspired Toy Workshop at The 8th Street Studio in Boise, Idaho

Who: Children of all ages! Kids between ages 3-9 enjoy the most magical experiences, however Santa loves babies, dogs, and even older siblings who are well past the age of "magic" have been caught rolling on the floor laughing by Santa's bantering and witty humor. We even have ways of working with the young toddler who is easily frightened or won't sit still for anything! Working with experienced staff leads to the best possible outcome, even when the subjects aren't necessarily on their "best behavior"... Santa doesn't put anyone of the Naught List here ;)

What: The Santa Experience is a completely personalized and interactive journey! Your child is greeted by Mrs. Claus and lead into Santa's workshop where they can explore the floor to ceiling holiday toys and surroundings and then be shown how they can call Santa in for a visit with the shake of the magical bells from his sleigh. After Santa arrives they spend time talking, playing, asking questions or hearing stories, in this child directed meet and greet, all while our nationally award winning professional photographers capture the wide eyed looks of wonder and joy throughout their custom experience. After waves and hugs goodbye to Santa, Mrs. Claus presents them with special treats right from her very own kitchen that leave them licking their lips, as they smile, with heart warming tales that will be treasured forever.

Why: Because making childhood memories that they will cherish for a lifetime is priceless! (And YOU get to remember it with some of the best Christmas Cards and speciality Holiday Wall Art, EVER!!) Parents have told us on numerous occasions that they aren't sure who had more fun, them or the kids :)

The Charity: This is a Difference Maker Charity Event that helps to benefit The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Idaho. Each participant who brings in a new, unwrapped toy or gift card (valued at $25 or more) will receive an exclusive custom ornament from their session.  The gifts will be presented to The Ronald McDonald House for their own "Santa's Workshop" event and help touch the lives of many families.

How: Call Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography at 208-331-2288 for more details and booking opportunities!



Press Release Kelly Zimmerman Photographer of the Year for the state of Idaho

Kelly Zimmerman was named Boise's best photographer by bringing home top honors during Professional Photographers of Idaho Event

Boise, Idaho.—August 2, 2017—Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography located in The 8th Street Studio, is proud to announce a remarkable showing by the company’s owner, Photographer Kelly Zimmerman. This past year, during the Professional Photographers of Idaho annual convention and state print competition Zimmerman exceeded expectations by winning 3 judges choice awards, Idaho Photographer’s Choice, Court of Honor, Best of Show, and ultimately earned the title of-




Kelly didn’t stop there, her images also went on to compete at Western Districts and took The Sunset Print Award by LexJet and from there, on to the International Print Competition held by Professional Photographers of America, where 2 of her images were chosen for the exclusive Loan Collection to be represented in a professional showcase next to some of the “best of the best”.


This phenomenal showing qualifies Kelly for further recognitions and sets a precedence that Idaho has some of the Nations Top Photographers.


Kelly was modest and almost teary eyed when accepting her awards. “I feel everyone did an excellent job, I am truly honored. By working together we can accomplish even more”.


Established in 1999, Cherished Images is now one of the longest standing professional photography studios in the Treasure Valley. Kelly Zimmerman, with the help of fellow Master Photographer, Phil White of CsiPhotoDesign, operate The 8th Street Studio, a full service photography studio where nationally award winning artists preserve moments in time, as memories, for generations to come. Standing for both quality service and integrity, Kelly is a remarkable example of a true entrepreneurial spirit and continues to demonstrate another success story for women in today’s business world.

Dog Days Of Summer- Charity Photography Event- Keep Your Eyes Posted For 2018 Dates!


Fill a Bowl... Be a Difference Maker.  Thanks to all who participated in our 2017 event!!

What: The Dog Days of Summer Limited Edition Difference Maker Photography Event

Where: Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography, inside The 8th Street Studio

When: select dates during the month of July

Who: Your dog, cat, lizard, rabbit (anything with 4 legs) really...

Benefitting: Idaho Humane Society Pet Pantry

Cost: $50- and a bag of dry pet food (which should be valued at a minimum of $25 and will be donated to The Idaho Humane Society)

You Get: a 10-15 minute pet portrait session of your favorite pet AND a 5x7 print of your favorite image... and access to Limited Edition Exclusive Packages!

How: Call to schedule your appointment (208)331-2288 or ask any questions!

Dog Days Of Summer Photography Event Details

Be a Difference Maker.


May Flowers- Limited Edition Portrait Event Booking Now!


At The 8th Street Studio, we are all about Fun... and memories... and FUN!  And what could be more FUN?! Your child + their ART = FUN for them, special keepsake for you! (Oh... and grandma too!  Yes, Nana needs one of these!)

Session includes: Individual Painting Experience for each child, 12 Note Cards with envelopes & portrait credit! $129- spaces are limited.

**Call Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography at The 8th Street Studio to schedule your appointment today!! 208-331-2288**Cherished_Images_Photography_May_Flowers_3 Cherished_Images_Photography_May_Flowers_2 Cherished_Images_Photography_May_Flowers_1

**Call Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography at The 8th Street Studio to schedule your appointment today!! 208-331-2288**

The Ashley- A Limited Edition Photography Set Designed for Cherished Images

Here's our latest! A Limited Edition Professional Photography Set designed for the studio. This set was classically inspired, touched with spring and floral finishes, and yet remains versatile enough for family portraits. Call the Boise studio now and find out how to create your own custom photo experience on this set! 208-331-2288

The Importance of Photography- Student Interview and Essay of Photographer in Boise


Photography Shows Us Amazing Things

I want you to look around your environment. Whether this is at your house, office, or walking down the street you will come in contact with something called photography. Pictures are seen on your desk, the internet, billboards, and your favorite cereal box. Almost everywhere you go you have been impacted by a photograph. You have either been the person behind the camera, the one posing, or the one staring at an advertisement in a magazine. The world of photography has changed dramatically in the past couple years and continues to change. The cameras on our phones, and ease of uploading our photos to the internet has made the number of images in our world explode. Marvin Heiferman explains that millions of photographic images are seen throughout the world and the number rises every day. Photography impacts us to the point that it is an important part of our lives in some aspect even if it’s different from one person to the next. Photography's extensive depth of possibilities and the enjoyment and need of images is clearly amazing (12).  Each of us has done something with a picture even if you don’t see yourself as a photographer. This shows us that photography is important.

We as human beings are expected to overlook some details of something. None of us can possibly take in every little part of a fast moving sunset (Seger). Or take in every detail of a place you have never been before and maybe never will again. Sherlock Holmes may be the exception since he is known for seeing every little thing, but since we are not all Sherlock Holmes we need a different way to take in all the small details that make up our existence. We overlook the importance of photography in showing us these details. The camera is a recording machine which captures the best, worst, strange, and funny moments of our lives. Those moments make up our existence and the camera ties into that existence by recording the details of the moment. Each part of our life and the world is interesting and photography is an important piece that shows somebody else (and ourselves) the detailed moments of our life. While we concentrate on the overall view of our life the photograph we took will show us the small details we may have missed later. Photography is important because we can document something and have it forever. Photography lets us see something we may never have noticed otherwise. Photography is a way to express your ideas for others to see.

There is no way to deny that life flies by. One day it’s Tuesday then all of sudden the sun is rising again and it is Wednesday. The memories you made at one time in your life starts to fade as more days pass in-between till perhaps one day you can’t remember at all. This was an important topic that came up during an interview I had with Kelly Zimmerman from Cherished Images photography on 8th St. and Fulton St. in downtown Boise. I parked my car, slung my pink, flowered bag onto my shoulder; gathered up my jitters as best I could and strolled towards the red brick building with the large sign ‘The 8th Street Studio’ above the door. Inside the photography studio there was plenty of space for laughter, huge smiles, and lots of fun. Photography equipment along with antique and modern props took up other parts of the space. I plunged into the soft, leather couch and took in the rest of my surroundings; especially the huge, picturesque windows in the front and the side of the building. The natural light bounced around the room landing on wooden crates, stools, and stacks of books. The light shone off of a beautiful photo of several Saint Bernard puppies with pink tongues hanging out. I brought my attention to Zimmerman who sat in the armchair to my right.

During the middle of the interview I asked the question, “what is your favorite subject to photograph and why?” After she answered the question I mentioned how much I love to take pictures of my niece and nephews. Kelly smiled and said you’re capturing a tiny essence of who they are. It’s important to capture that because it’s a moment you will never get back and now it is a memory locked in a picture. She continued, “The only way to hold on to those moments is to be able to look back on them. Not through your head since that will fail you no matter how much you think oh I will never forget this moment, it’s so awesome. You will. Photographs are the only way to make sure you don’t forget and help to remind you and help your memory along.” Since we will never get back moments in our life photography is an important way to gather the moment’s details into a picture we will have forever.

Photography is an amazing way to document every moment of our lives so we will have that memory forever. You can look back on the photograph and remember what was special during the time frame it was taken. Zimmerman states even when a loved one is gone from this earth the pictures you captured of them is the “proof of their existence” (Zimmerman). With photography you can document each stage in your life journey and the life journey of those important to you. Not only is photography a way to document events in your life, but also document the events of the world that turn into history. These photographs are important so we don’t forget what took place and for the future generation to have proof. To point out just how powerful photography is on documenting things Heiferman quotes Henry Luce, from Life magazine in the 1930s:

To see life, to see the world, to eyewitness great events; to watch the faces of the poor and the gestures of the proud; to see strange things- machines, armies, multitudes, shadows in the jungle and on the moon, to see man's work- his paintings, towers, and discoveries, to see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come... to see and be amazed; to see and be instructed. (11-12)

I can always find something in a photograph that I missed while I took the picture. Sometimes it is someone in the background making a funny face which provides me with plenty of laughs. If the camera did not click right at that second no one would have seen that face which is worth seeing and showing to them when they are twenty. Other times it is the smiling faces which remind me about what that moment meant to them. Both of these examples tie back to the joy that we were experiencing in life. The joy was captured and as you look back on the picture you see the tiny details – a smile or silly face- of that joy that you would have missed if the camera was not there.

Expressions on the subjects’ faces are captured by a camera, but the photographer’s expression is also captured each time they push the shutter button. You have ideas and photography is a way to bring those ideas to life. Photography allows you to show others the unique perspective that is hidden inside your head. Photojournalist George Lang believes photography is “an excuse to say things you would edit out of a normal conversation, do things you would hold back from doing” (Lang 9). You have a voice and photography is a way to use it. When someone looks at your pictures those pictures speak for you. They tell that person the details about what you’re passionate about. God made every person unique and photography is important to express that uniqueness to yourself and others!

Photography is an important part of our lives. Photography can only be important though if we are in the moment and not just shooting the look of something. If we are just shooting the way something looks we are in danger of missing the real reason why we took the picture in the first place (Lang 11). Researcher Linda Henkel of Fairfield University argues in an article from the Huffington Post that the camera can get in the way for us to actually attend a moment. There are times that the camera becomes more important than the moment we are photographing. When that happens it may be best to put the camera down and take in the moment. But if the camera goes down the details of the moment will be lost forever. What is the solution? Blogger Sierra Black concludes “what we need isn’t fewer photos. It’s to become better photographers.” We realize photography’s power when we take the right type of pictures. These are the pictures that deep down connect the moment and the person. When we hold an actual print in our hands and look at it we realize amazing things about our existence.

No matter where you go photography plays into your life somehow. We don’t realize how big of an impact photography truly has on us until we see the details of our life hidden in a photograph. When you flip through your photo album and start looking for those details you suddenly realize you are truly blessed. A photograph keeps a moment frozen in time so we have it forever. Something like joy becomes clearer as we look deeper into the photograph. What you care about shouts from the photograph you took. Photography is important so we don’t look over the special details while we concentrate on the bigger picture of life. Those details make our lives interesting and we don’t want to miss them. Lauren from PhotographyConcentration.com, points out that “Photographers never stop shooting. Why would you? Life never stops being interesting.” Never stop capturing your life, because more adventures wait for you that need to be frozen in time.

Written By: Emily Holty (posted with permission)

Kathryn Bowen

English 101 Unit 2

6 March 2016


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Celebration of Smiles 2017 - Date Announced!

A Difference Maker Event

A Difference Maker Event

Call NOW to reserve your appointment time for this Limited Edition Difference Maker Event held at The 8th Street Studio on April 15th, 2017!!  This annual event is held in association with Professional Photographers of America's charity division PPA Charities to benefit Operation Smiles.  Each year we pick one special day to photograph a limited number of children, adults and even pets to go towards one life changing cleft pallete surgery to help change the life of a child!  For every 10 smiles we photograph, one child will be able to smile for a lifetime!  Help us spread the news and for only $24- you will get a gift sized portrait to remember how blessed you are every time you look at it, and you will have made a difference!  This is the only event we hold all year that includes a print, and for those who know, they plan early because times fill fast!  Call Cherished Images at 208-331-2288 today to schedule!

Dog Days of Summer is officially off and running...

Mafia Dog! LOL... Mafia Dog! LOL...

Our 2nd Annual Dog Days of Summer Event is a Limited Edition Difference Maker Event designed just for the hairiest love of your lives.  Pets of all kinds are welcome to experience the best of professional photography by Cherished Images all while helping to benefit the Idaho Humane Society's Pet Pantry.  For a donation of a bag of dry dog or cat food you get a custom complimentary session of man's ( or woman's?) best friend!  Call Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio at 208-331-2288 or visit us on the web for more details!

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