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What if being “unproductive”, was actually “productive”?

Here’s a repost from a fellow photographer’s blog that I found intriguing.  Being an “overachiever” myself, one of my biggest pet peeves is feeling “unproductive”.  I have often times worked through lunch just to catch up from less productive moments in the day and to squeeze out every last second of the work week to accomplish […]

The Value of a Portrait… In loving memory of my Uncle John Stubblefield.

As an artist and professional photographer, I have been a long time believer in the value of a portrait.  Not just the kind you take with a phone, or the kind you find on a thumb drive or on the internet, but the kind you can actually touch, hold & feel- the “old school” printed […]

Shared Story: 9 tips to take better portraits of your kids!

Here’s a well written article from a photographer and entrepreneur that I admire.  It has 9 tips to take better portraits of your kids- candid photos, the day to day stuff… nothing you have to bring them in the studio to do- the only way to capture them is to be there and ready- 24/7 […]