What if being "unproductive", was actually "productive"?

Here's a repost from a fellow photographer's blog that I found intriguing.  Being an "overachiever" myself, one of my biggest pet peeves is feeling "unproductive".  I have often times worked through lunch just to catch up from less productive moments in the day and to squeeze out every last second of the work week to accomplish everything I hope to accomplish.  Getting up from the computer to use the restroom or even eat, can "feel" difficult when your plate is, figuratively, full.

What if "focus", at least all the time, was actually overrated?  Overachiever ADD types rejoice!  ;)

This article, once again enforces that self-care (i.e. taking a break, eating, even a massage or pedicure, maybe?!) is NOT selfish.  If we don't take care of ourselves, how can we take care of ANYTHING else.  So for any other workaholic mommy business owners out there who have ever felt "guilty" for taking a little you time... this maybe just what we need to hear.  Again :)

The Overachiever’s Guide To Taking a Break


The Value of a Portrait... In loving memory of my Uncle John Stubblefield.

As an artist and professional photographer, I have been a long time believer in the value of a portrait.  Not just the kind you take with a phone, or the kind you find on a thumb drive or on the internet, but the kind you can actually touch, hold & feel- the "old school" printed photograph.  Remember those?  The longer that I have been in this profession and the more I have seen it change, the more opinionated I become on the subject.

I've also come to realize, that as photographic artist's we have SO much more to share than disks full of files.  We have something absolutely priceless to offer... the essence of a person, captured to experience, again and again.  Time in a bottle, if you will.  Long after the person's time on earth is over.

Think about it.  At the end of a life, what do we have left of the PERSON who has left this earth?  Sure, they may leave behind a home, a vehicle, possessions, even an inheritance... but what is actually left of THEM?  Only one thing is powerful enough to allow us to re-live a moment in time, to experience the joy that they used to give, to FEEL in a very small way, how they made us feel while they were still here.  Memories fade, but properly taken care of portraits, are FOREVER.  And "forever" truly only happens in a portrait.

When a life is over, you had better hope that you took good pictures, and even more preferably, great professional portraits along the way.  A portrait is what is left when you no longer have the body that a person was in.  Portraits have the ability to allow us to remember the soul.  They are visual proof of our existence, a foot print of our time here on earth.  Portraits are priceless.


I can tell you this, because after hearing the news that my Uncle John was tragically killed in an airplane accident yesterday morning, the very first thing I reached for was the photo album.  Sadly, I was disappointed in what I found.  Very few photos that my uncle was actually in, and the ones he was in were blurry or cut off or blinking or... you name it.  They were snapshots, what was I to expect?

Just as I started to get discouraged I had remembered the time my uncle had invited me to witness and create a visual storyline of his proposal to his soon to be wife.  Now, being the very private person he was, I was surprised but delighted to be able to capture that moment in time for him.  He told me that I was to handle the matter with "lawyer/client type of privileges" and was to keep everything under tightly sealed lips until he had made it public.  I gladly obliged and now it makes me chuckle to think about the stern and serious way he relayed the message.  My Uncle John was known to be a somewhat stoic man that took some poking and prodding to get him to take off the "businessman" presentation he normally wore on his face.

After taking this morning wandering aimlessly in my car, and in my head, I went into the studio hoping and praying I had organized those images as I should have.  And Hallelujah, they were in my FOREVER drive, under family and friends "to save".  This saved me hours of digging through yearly files, I was SO relieved.  Just as everyone wants to do something (anything!) to help in times like this, I desperately wanted to be able to present the family with a proper portrait of my uncle.

I found a perfect headshot that at some point I will release for the obituary photo, however right next to it, I also found a candid moment that I had forgotten about.  It was taken between shots, before my light even had time to fully recharge, slightly underexposed, but truly the essence of the man I remember.  And since this is my gift, my only offering of condolences to the two sons, 3 siblings and father that he left behind, I figured it was my prerogative to share the image that I wanted to share.  The slightly imperfect, but yet PERFECT capture.

So, for my family, this is the one thing that I have to offer to you, as I know all of our hearts are aching from this loss.  Here is Uncle John as I always want to remember him.  My gift to you.  Please humbly accept my love and well wishes, and rest assured, there will be prints waiting for you at his memorial service.  Sincerely with my best- Kelly

Shared Story: 9 tips to take better portraits of your kids!

Here's a well written article from a photographer and entrepreneur that I admire.  It has 9 tips to take better portraits of your kids- candid photos, the day to day stuff... nothing you have to bring them in the studio to do- the only way to capture them is to be there and ready- 24/7 :)  Yup, that's the "secret".  I loved that she closed the article by saying PRINT the images!!  We can't enjoy memories if they are stuck in a hard drive or on our phones somewhere.  Make sure you have memories that you can touch, hold & feel.  One day they will be as precious as those babes you get to snuggle on right now.  Here's a link to the full article http://kellymoorebag.com/blog/2016/02/nine-tips-for-better-photos-of-your-kids/

A little more about me...

I pulled this from my website, as I thought it was just a little too long and wordy, and probably most of you don't really care.  However, there are probably a few of you out there (like me) that actually care about what makes other people "tick".  And so I decided to not just delete it forever, but have it live on here.  For better or worse... Here's a little more about what makes me tick.

"I seek balance, I seek better, I seek the why. I love new experiences and going new places. I wander just to see where the path leads. I seek inspiration from art, and travel, from children and from nature. I see life as art. My brain composes images as they pass before my eyes. And my artist brain, fights my business brain... constantly. Always pursuing a vision, problem solving, creating... seeing, never stopping, evolving, seeing, imagining.

Art isn't the way we see things, but the way we make others see. I hope to make you "see" what I see... sometimes strange, sometimes odd, almost always beautiful. My introverted nature keeps me from sharing my deepest thoughts, but since the eyes are the window to the soul... I welcome you in... through my art I leave open a way to see as I see. Deep and mysterious, awkward, silly and a little crazy. I am quirky, I am a perfectionist, I am an artist. Life is a canvas."


These are a few of my favorite things...

These are a few of my favorite things...

Well, I did it... (Gulp...)

I officially "linked" this blog site to the website.  Oh boy.  Yes, you experienced bloggers... laugh.  Laugh now.  As, I truly am feeling my way around this in the dark!  (Can you say, fish outta water?!)  I'm sure I could use some help, so if anyone's really good at this stuff.  Contact me... maybe we can work a little sumthin' sumpthin' out?!  Maybe?  Yup, I know when I'm in over my head.  But hey, a little kudos for trying???  Luckily I'm a pretty fast learner.  Just one more thing on the plate.  Bring on the balance... bring it on!!

Ok, here I go....

Hum... this whole blog thing.  I've resisted for the longest time, however with my youngest child now starting her first year of kindergarten, 5 days a week- I figure I have no excuse.  Please excuse my potential mess ahead of time.  I honestly and truly have no idea what I'm doing, as I have never blogged before, and gulp... I'll admit it... I don't even read or follow any blogs.  However, I have been informed that I am NOT the majority and so I vow to work on making progress of keeping things more current than "just on FB".  I plan on adding to and properly setting this up, sooner than later, however today is my birthday and I'm going shopping.  That's all for now :)