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What if being “unproductive”, was actually “productive”?

Here’s a repost from a fellow photographer’s blog that I found intriguing.  Being an “overachiever” myself, one of my biggest pet peeves is feeling “unproductive”.  I have often times worked through lunch just to catch up from less productive moments in the day and to squeeze out every last second of the work week to accomplish […]

A quick shout out to our vendors…

Vendors don’t get a lot of love… and being a “vendor”, from time to time, it’s nice to get a little recognition.  Here’s a shout out to our favorite packaging supplier… Rice Studio Supply and their sister company Dazo Packaging.  We love what you do, you help us make our product look pretty!  :)

Labor Day…

Now, I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I came back to the studio after the long holiday weekend to find that every business that possibly had my email address, sent out a “Labor Day” promo email.  Almost 900 (mainly junk) emails later, I actually get to “get to work”.  It’s super frustrating.  I […]