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Maternity Pictures | Boise

Truly a once in a lifetime experience, each mother only gets to carry her child for 9 short months. And even though 9 short months can feel like an eternity while you are going through it, one day when you’re looking back in hind sight, it feels like you blinked… Promise :)

Just as each child is different, each pregnancy is also different. The first time mom, experiencing the fluttering of movement that bring joy and excitement and promise of new life… to the experienced mother with 4 older children at home ready and expecting their last baby brother… each belly holds more than new life, it holds a story. And it’s certain to add to YOUR story, as it is history… in the making.

Kelly Zimmerman of Cherished Images, knows the ups and downs of pregnancy. One day you feel great, the next you feel like a whale, the next your skin’s glowing, the next you’re all broken out. Kelly also knows how to bring out the very best in every woman in front of her camera. Using humor, technique, lighting, posing, experience and a good eye, Kelly will bring out the highlights of your growing belly, not your growing bulges (wink, wink). That’s what good posing and shadows are for! No worries, you are in good hands. And with the best guarantee in the business, you will have a picture of your beautiful baby to be, waiting for you!

Call now to schedule your one on one pre-session consultation and ask about our complimentary maternity session when you enroll in the Year to Cherish Program. Let us show you what we can do for you! 208-331-2288