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Meet the Artist

“What better gift could God have given us than our own little beings, to have, to hold, and to CHERISH for just a brief moment in time? I feel so very blessed to be given the gift of vision, so that I may forever preserve their beauty, for all to hold and cherish. For it is THEY, that are the true works of ART.”

Kelly Zimmerman

A lover of life and everything good… the heart and soul of Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography comes from the artist, Kelly Zimmerman. Originally from Southern California, she moved to Boise, Idaho in 1995. As her love for fine art photography grew she discovered that she had the talent and the patience required to capture timeless portraits of children & their families. With a growing clientele, Cherished Images opened it’s studio in the historic 8th Street Marketplace, BoDo, in 1999 and as of fall 2015, moved to her new location in The 8th Street Studio. Using experience, technique & personality, Kelly pulls character, natural expressions & charm from whomever is in front of her camera. Posing, composition and making others feel at ease are combined with attention to detail and digital artistry to produce stunning images every time. She considers herself not a just a photographer, but an artist, as the camera is merely a tool to create moments in time that others will forever cherish.


Kelly has received numerous awards in both local and national competitions. She has been awarded multiple Best In Shows, a Fuji Masterpiece, The Sunset Print Award by LexJet, The Kodak Gallery, The Kodak Elite and had a print that scored a perfect 100 in print competition, helping to earn her the title of “Photographer of the Year” for the state of Idaho in 2005 and again in 2017! As of current, Kelly continues to compete in both national and international competitions and most recently took a silver medal during PPA’s international print competition.

Giving Back

Kelly also supports many local organizations and charities through her business endeavors. She believes that family and community are what keeps one balanced and strives to continually grow, seeking out new and innovative techniques to enhance her love of the art.  Through Cherished Images Limited Edition Difference Maker Events, Kelly has created a way to do what she loves and serve local and national charities through various events during the year.

“Watching children grow and change is the most rewarding part of my career. Building relationships where my clients both know me and know they can trust me is one of the most important parts of my business. I hope to be photographing these newborns as they graduate high school. This is the blessing in what I do and why it is such a big part of who I am.”

We may not know what the future holds, but we know WHO holds the future. The Master Weaver, the very First Artist puts JOY in my heart. So I smile and I enjoy, and I want to be contagious! :) -Kelly

Welcome Professional Photographer, Phil White...


Phil White

In fall of 2014, Phil White, formerly of Phil White Photography took a leap of faith to come join the team at the now, 8th Street Studio. Phil has been in the industry for well over 20 years, spending a portion of that as the lab and print manager for Idaho Camera. Phil is well versed in both the technical and the artistry portion of photography.

As a career photographer, Phil White has earned his Master of Photography with the Professional Photographers of America. He also serves as a board member for Professional Photographers of Idaho and Boise Music Week and has won many awards on both a local and international level. Phil continues to pursue his love of the arts and currently spends most of his time managing CsiPhotoDesign and helping Kelly keep her head on straight when things get crazy!

Phil has a low key and laid back approach that contrasts well with Kelly’s high energy enthusiasm. He is a great listener and works very hard to create custom artwork for families with older children and high school seniors, especially when it comes to creating unique sports composites for high school athletes! Phil also works well with Old Hollywood style lighting which we incorporate into our Bringing Classy Back line. Bringing Classy Back is a fashionable fusion of tasteful, approachable glamour and boudoir (you know, the stuff you’re not afraid to show your neighbor) with a unique vintage lighting style and a modern twist! Looking forward to showing more of these off soon! Please check out our soon to be updated Csi Photo Design website for more information!

CONGRATULATIONS to Phil White for just winning Master Photographer Of The Year for the state of Idaho! This is a huge achievement and we are looking forward to furthering our education and expertise of the craft through competition.