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Baby Photos | Boise

What a cutie!  Your baby smiles, sticks out their tongue, makes funny faces, all that personality all wrapped up in one little bundle that was nothing more than a glimmer in your eye a few months ago?  Wow, does it go fast!  Your precious little baby will grow faster in the first year of life than any other. From itty bitty sleepy newborn, to laughing, giggling, hard to catch toddler! They go from infant to child before you blink.

That’s why Cherished Images will help you capture those precious memories in pictures to help you remember each sweet fleeting stage.  Baby photography is one of the things we specialize in and we’d love to show you why we’ve been trusted with so many baby photos since 1999!  Our award winning professional photographer will show you why a little experience goes a long way!

And if you missed the sweet and sleepy newborn stage, don’t worry… our exclusive Year to Cherish- milestone portrait program can be adapted to suit the needs of your growing baby so that you don’t miss one more moment!

They’re only little once, capture that cuteness now…

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