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painted dog with green bandana
dog drinking from a bowl
dog resting on their bed
father with boy dog and treat
dog with vintage fire extinguisher
high five with paws
dog birthday cake
cute white dog in a basket
dog playing in sepia
dogs in a wagon being pushed by a boy
black dog laying on leopard print blanket
old dog
dog with a toddler
black and white dog with parents
dog wearing a knitted stocking cap
dog in a basket
boy and Dalmatian playing
dog with boxing glove
woman and her dog on a white sofa
sepia dog in a box with books and bricks
dog with chain collar
cat closeup

Dogs And Cats- Our Furry Family Members!

Because pets are family too, pets and their people is what we do!  Your family portrait just might not be complete without this special member of your household!

Usually, with 4 paws, they love us unconditionally… the good the bad, and every day in between. The loyalty of your furry family member is unparalleled. We raise them, some from the funny and challenging puppy (or kitten) stage and some have made precious memories with others and are more mature and seasoned. Some we’ve rescued, or some have even rescued us!

As long-time supporters of the Idaho Humane Society, we know first hand just how important our animals are to us, which is why we host a limited edition Difference Maker Event every summer to help benefit IHS.  Each year you will be seeing our images grace the cover and some of the pages of the yearly calendar Idaho Humane Society put out… we can’t leave any fuzzy friend behind!

Whatever your story, it certainly doesn’t take long for these furry friends to make their way into our hearts. And EVERY family member deserves an heirloom portrait of their very own. Cherished Images Fine Art Photography has a knack for working with animals of all breeds and stages. Much like 2-year-old children, your dog has a short attention span, personality, and character that is just calling out to be documented! Since we don’t have quite as long with these beautiful animals, as we do with our human counterparts, capturing their spirit is of utmost importance.

Call Cherished Images Photography at 208-331-2288 to find out about scheduling your family portrait to include all the members of your family, even the ones with four paws. Dogs, cats, horses… you name it, we will make them part of your special day.

Check out our family portraits HERE to see more portraits of pets and their people :)



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