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The Investment

Is It Expensive?

Custom photography is an investment- for some, a little one, for others’ a big one. Ultimately, if you get to keep a little piece of history, if you get to capture “time in a bottle”, years from now, what wouldn’t you give to have that back? To feel that baby stir in your belly, to hear him coo and make those precious baby noises, to see her belly laugh as she watches you play peek a boo for the umpteenth thousand time. What wouldn’t we give to see the look of accomplishment on his face as he rides a bike without training wheels for the first time, when she smiles at you with that toothless grin as she just found the treasure the tooth fairy left her, the feeling of closeness and warmth as you just had a heart to heart with your teenager and finally got through to them! What value do you put on memories? Are they expensive? And looking back 10 years from now?



The Value Of Memories

All products and services are backed by a promise of quality and the best guarantee in the business. You will LOVE every piece of art that leaves the studio doors. PROMISE.

Studio Sessions Start at 149 | Location Sessions Start at 189

Weekends at 259




ALL prints are retouched by a master artist who specializes in making YOU look like “you”, but like YOU on your very best day. Never anything that looks fake or plastic. They are printed on the finest materials available and treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. Prints are purchased individually, and start at 99- With wall art starting at 459- with numerous options available.

Birth announcements, Birthday invitations and Holiday cards are all available and work very well when you need a quantity option. We can show you how to best get portraits out to all your important friends and family and save the splurging for yourself!

Digital products are not our primary focus, however we do have many digital solutions to suit the majority of applications most people are looking for. Portraits are the only “Forever” we can hold. Trust your FOREVER with Cherished Images.



Why do we click away anyways? As a parent, we’re all guilty… We take pictures of our children. We LOVE them. But they LOVE us too! Why are WE not in more snapshots?

  1. Most commonly, WE are BEHIND the lens taking the image.
  2. We forget to take the camera out except on special occasions, but even when we do, we’re still in the wrong place to be IN the images.
  3. We don’t love the way we look in photographs, we need to lose a few pounds, we aren’t photogenic, etc…

THIS is why you hire a professional who is both experienced and trained to take images that we actually don’t mind, or maybe even like!



We have ONE thing that we leave behind as a footprint of our existence on earth… Portraits are the ONE thing that when any event, or moment, or sadly… LIFE, is over, that we have left to keepsake as treasured memories.

For history’s sake it is our job to not only TAKE images, but be in them too! Portraits are a way to connect. They instill a daily reminder of why we do what we do. They show us, without words, on the good days and the bad, WHY we press forward and what we have to work for. And we know, it’s not a “what”, but a “who”. We all need a check on those perspectives from time to time. Photos do that! They say “I’m important” to a child, they say “I love you” (even when I’m naughty) to a parent, and they say “FAMILY MATTERS MOST” when everything else gets in the way.


A professional can help give you something to have, to hold and to cherish.


And what they can give you is way more than files. We all have good intentions of “One day” we’ll get around to it. “One day” I’ll design that album, “One day” I’ll make those copies to scrapbook… “One day” may come, until we’re onto tomorrow’s next quest. Pay someone if you aren’t dedicated to do it yourself- for history’s sake. Digital media WILL fail. The internet and the cloud, may or may not be freely and readily available, but you can HOLD and ENJOY printed products for years and years, longer than a life, longer than your babies are “babies” and longer than our memories can store.

There's no time like the present! Don't miss anymore opportunities! To begin documenting YOUR personal story through art and let us know how we can serve you best, call us at 208.331.2288