Newborns, Children, Family Portraits, Maternity & Pet Photography - Boise, Idaho

The Investment

Memories that you can Touch, Hold & Feel.

Not All Photographs Are Created Equal...

 The Cherished Images Difference-

- Promise of Quality- guaranteed! You will love your portraits- every time. We PROMISE.

- Studio or Location-  Both consultations and sessions can be held in our studio, in your home, or on location. We want to get to know you, and we'll take the time to make that happen.

- Trust and Experience- 24+ years of relationship building, watching families grow, change and evolve, results in rave reviews from our loyal clients.

- Award Winning Photography-  No matter if you're a beauty queen, or consider yourself to be the least photogenic person on the planet... we know how to capture you and your family in the best possible light. Have a child who's going through the "terrible two" phase, a few extra pounds you want hidden, a less than enthusiastic spouse, a special needs child, a crazy pet?   Yes... we do that. And we do it well. We PROMISE.

- Details, Details, DETAILS! We meticulously hand design, finish, and finesse every aspect of your session. If you are a detail person who both notices and appreciates it when others pay attention to the "little things"... you're in the right place.

- Personalized one on one attention.  Custom for YOU... it's what we do... no cookie cutter generic photography here. 20+ years of experience allows us to not be restricted to a "one size fits all" mentality. If you can dream it, we can probably do it.

- The right lighting, the right equipment, for every unique situation. Natural light can be beautiful, but relying on it 100% of the time is extremely limiting. We bring the right gear to achieve a look you'll be thrilled and delighted with.

- Artists who listen, artists who care. Being in Boise for over 20 years, we know what our clients want and need and we do everything we can to both meet and exceed those expectations.

- Quality craftsmanship-  Breathtaking prints, beautiful products, custom albums and heirloom wall art collections... you will only find the finest quality in printing, finishing and framing.

- Professional guided service-  Our tried and proven professional methods will guide you through every step of the way ensuring you the best possible experience resulting in artwork that you will be enamored with.

- Easy decision making- When you start with the end in mind, it becomes much easier to create images you will both love, and know exactly what to do with. Because we photograph with your space in mind, and then use our state of the art technology to show you your images ON your walls BEFORE they are ever printed, you can know for sure you will end up with appropriately sized prints and finishes and there will be no guess work or prints that end up sitting in a drawer.

- Framed Fine Art Images Finished and Professionally installed- No need to pull out a hammer, nail and level, or put any extra holes in your walls! When you order your prints custom framed and fully finished through Cherished Images, we will have our professional installer come to your home or office to hang your artwork. Ask us about a personalized "Love Note" that you can attach to the back of the image to finish off the special story of your memories in your own unique way.

- Guaranteed Artwork- When we custom frame and install your images, they are now fully guaranteed for the life of the print. Should anything ever happen to the print, we will remake the artwork for you. Frames that are damaged or prints that are delivered unframed are not included in this offer.

- Photographer for LIFE- Relationships, they make life special, and having a relationship with a photographer you can trust, is HUGE! When an artist watches a family grow and change, learns what they like (or dislike) this can be revolutionary. Because we WANT to get to know you and your family, you too can have a trusted professional to create a storyboard of your life, custom designed for YOU, from birth, to graduation, and beyond.

- It's fun! We laugh, joke around, converse, listen, observe, and then we create in a light, open, and entertaining way. Getting to know each other is one of the best parts! That's what having a Photographer for LIFE is all about!

When you want quality, customized service and experienced artists- Cherished Images is the Right Choice.

Creation Fee

Sessions are accepted Monday- Friday during normal business hours. Evenings, weekends, and holidays MAY be available as an upgrade. Call for information and availability.

Custom Portrait Session- 350-

Evening Upgrade- (+100)  

Weekend Upgrade- (+200)

Travel or Destination Photography- by custom quote.

All products and services are backed by a promise of quality and the best guarantee in the business. You will LOVE every piece of wall art that leaves the studio doors. PROMISE.

We are Print Artists. Digital products are not our focus, however we want you to be able to show off your portraits to your friends and family. We do offer complementary digital sharing solutions from images that have been retouched and printed.

Commissioned Wall Art and Albums

Custom Photography is an investment- for some, a little one, for others' a big one.

ALL prints are retouched by a master artisan who specializes in making YOU look like “you”, but like YOU on your very best day. Never anything that looks fake or plastic. They are printed on the finest materials available and treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. Wall art comes with the option of being custom framed, finished, and installed in your home or office and is backed by our legendary service and promise of quality. Small collection pieces start at 850- and go up depending on size. The average client will spend 2200+ for a breathtaking display.

Custom Albums are a great solution for those who crave variety or are just short on wall space. They are hand crafted with the finest quality materials and feature multiple finished prints to treasure for the ages 3500-

Gift prints are available only with a qualifying wall art or album order and start at 250-

Speciality designed birth announcements, birthday invitations, and holiday cards are all available. These products work very well when you need a quantity option. When you add them to your wall art or album order, we can show you the best way to get portraits out to all of your important friends and family and save the splurging for yourself!

To Have, To Hold, And to Keep... For Now... And for Always

Are cherished experiences with your loved ones expensive?  
Today... maybe... but 10 years from now? 
How about when that person is no longer with us? 
Something that might have been considered "expensive" in the moment, is now PRICELESS.
Because "FOREVER" only happens in a portrait.

A professional can help give you something to have, to hold and to cherish.

And what they can give you is way more than files. We all have good intentions of “One day” we’ll get around to it. “One day” I’ll design that album, “One day” I’ll make those copies to scrapbook… “One day” may come, until we’re onto tomorrow’s next quest. Pay someone if you aren’t dedicated to do it yourself- for history’s sake. Digital media WILL fail. The internet and the cloud, may or may not be freely and readily available, but you can HOLD and ENJOY printed products for years and years, longer than a life, longer than your babies are “babies” and longer than our memories can store.

The Reason

Why do we click away anyways? As a parent, we’re all guilty… We take pictures of our children. We LOVE them. But they LOVE us too! Why are WE not in more snapshots?

  1. Most commonly, WE are BEHIND the lens taking the image.
  2. We forget to take the camera out except on special occasions, but even when we do, we’re still in the wrong place to be IN the images.
  3. We don’t love the way we look in photographs, we need to lose a few pounds, we aren’t photogenic, etc…

THIS is why you hire a professional who is both experienced and trained to take images that you will LOVE and CHERISH.

Leave a Legacy

We have ONE thing that we leave behind as a footprint of our existence on earth… Portraits are the ONE thing that when any event, or moment, or sadly… LIFE, is over, that we have left to keepsake as treasured memories.

For history’s sake it is our job to not only TAKE images, but be in them too! Portraits are a way to connect. They instill a daily reminder of why we do what we do. They show us, without words, on the good days and the bad, WHY we press forward and why we do what we do. We all need a check on those perspectives from time to time. Photos do that! They say “I’m important” to a child, they say “I love you” (even when I’m naughty) to a parent, and they say “FAMILY MATTERS MOST” when everything else gets in the way.

There's no time like the present! Don't miss anymore opportunities! To begin documenting YOUR personal story through art and let us know how we can serve you best, call us at 208.331.2288