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There are some really cool things happening around here…

As the summer has come and gone (I blinked) and the leaves start to change, I can not help but want to burst at the seams with some really fun changes happening around here!  I am super excited to introduce a new face that you might see either here, in the 8th Street Marketplace (BoDo) studio or soon, down at the 6th Street Studio.  Phil White, formerly of Phil White Photography has teamed up with me to get and the 6th Street Studio up and off the ground again!  Throughout the years, I have been managing (somewhat inadequately) the CsiPhotoDesign division all by myself, trying to balance that AND Cherished Images, and I am happy to say that maybe a portion of that will be taken off my plate and I will be able to focus on what and WHO I love.  My Cherished Images clients!!  Watching children, families and babies grow and change is my favorite thing about what I do, and I hope to be able to focus more on that in the very near future!!  Here’s to the future.  Looking forward to showing off some of what we’ve done both with Cherished Images and!!

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