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Kelly Zimmerman
Rainbow Baby In Heart

Rainbow Baby Newborn Portraits- Celebrate!

Every birth is a miraculous journey.

Beginning from nearly nothing and then transforming into a living, breathing human being?!

The gift of new life is incredible!

However, some birth stories are a little more unusual than others…

Such is the case for this little babe...

He is a Rainbow Baby!

Rainbow Baby Newborn Portrait

If you don’t know what a “rainbow baby” is, check out THIS LINK that explains in detail.

If everything would have panned out, this baby would have had at least 4 siblings by now.  Yet this was not in the cards for his adoring parents, who tried again and again, without success.

After a few miscarriages, uncompleted fertility treatments, an unsuccessful attempt by a surrogate- finally a hero arose!  Another surrogate from the agency offered to give it one last try… and it worked!!

A miracle happened!  These parents were blessed with not only a wonderful relationship with the surrogate but a beautiful baby boy!!  A Rainbow Baby!

This couple and his doting grandparents live in Northern California and traveled back and forth to Boise, Idaho during the pregnancy.  There were no limits to what they wouldn’t do for this little one, even before he was born!

They came across the Cherished Images newborn photography website, and after an initial consultation, we all knew it was meant to be.  I would have the privilege to document this extra-special part of their lives!

It was such an honor to be part of their amazing journey! Creating something extraordinary for them, became my top priority!

Looking to pay homage to both their Indian descent and the road they’ve walked thus far, I scoured the internet for inspiration.  Leaving a bit disappointed, I found a lot of "the same" reused ideas.  The artist in me wanted more...

So, I started visiting local craft stores and came up with a concept that required only a little bit of tissue paper and a wire hanger.  The elephant I found was a huge bonus, as I thought it might be fun to have him “blowing” a rainbow heart from his trunk.

Success! They loved the concept, and this portrait will be forever adorning their walls as a large canvas heirloom print!  A reminder of just how far they’ve come.

Going above and beyond to make EVERY newborn photoshoot different from the one before, this one will forever be unforgettable!

With just a bit of legwork, some creative thinking, and a beautiful precious newborn, I am left smiling as the legacy of their story will live on!

Cherished Images prides itself in capturing the JOY of each family’s journey with luxury portrait art- meticulously crafted by our professional photographers and master-level artists.

We LOVE what we do!

Here’s to celebrating ALL of the Rainbow Babies out there!  The miracles, the moments, each cherished detail- we’re here to create for YOU!

If you're expecting a rainbow baby of your own, we'd love to create a meaningful masterpiece designed exclusively with YOUR story in mind.

Click here for more information or call 208-331-2288 so we can chat more!

Precious now, Priceless Later… Photography by Cherished Images in downtown Boise is anything, but ordinary.

Always and Forever-

Kelly Zimmerman

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Kelly Zimmerman

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