Rainbow Baby Newborn Portraits- Celebrate!

Every birth is a miraculous journey.

Beginning from nearly nothing and then transforming into a living, breathing human being?!

The gift of new life is incredible!

However, some birth stories are a little more unusual than others…

Such is the case for this little babe...

He is a Rainbow Baby!

Rainbow Baby Newborn Portrait

If you don’t know what a “rainbow baby” is, check out THIS LINK that explains in detail.

If everything would have panned out, this baby would have had at least 4 siblings by now.  Yet this was not in the cards for his adoring parents, who tried again and again, without success.

After a few miscarriages, uncompleted fertility treatments, an unsuccessful attempt by a surrogate- finally a hero arose!  Another surrogate from the agency offered to give it one last try… and it worked!!

A miracle happened!  These parents were blessed with not only a wonderful relationship with the surrogate but a beautiful baby boy!!  A Rainbow Baby!

This couple and his doting grandparents live in Northern California and traveled back and forth to Boise, Idaho during the pregnancy.  There were no limits to what they wouldn’t do for this little one, even before he was born!

They came across the Cherished Images newborn photography website, and after an initial consultation, we all knew it was meant to be.  I would have the privilege to document this extra-special part of their lives!

It was such an honor to be part of their amazing journey! Creating something extraordinary for them, became my top priority!

Looking to pay homage to both their Indian descent and the road they’ve walked thus far, I scoured the internet for inspiration.  Leaving a bit disappointed, I found a lot of "the same" reused ideas.  The artist in me wanted more...

So, I started visiting local craft stores and came up with a concept that required only a little bit of tissue paper and a wire hanger.  The elephant I found was a huge bonus, as I thought it might be fun to have him “blowing” a rainbow heart from his trunk.

Success! They loved the concept, and this portrait will be forever adorning their walls as a large canvas heirloom print!  A reminder of just how far they’ve come.

Going above and beyond to make EVERY newborn photoshoot different from the one before, this one will forever be unforgettable!

With just a bit of legwork, some creative thinking, and a beautiful precious newborn, I am left smiling as the legacy of their story will live on!

Cherished Images prides itself in capturing the JOY of each family’s journey with luxury portrait art- meticulously crafted by our professional photographers and master-level artists.

We LOVE what we do!

Here’s to celebrating ALL of the Rainbow Babies out there!  The miracles, the moments, each cherished detail- we’re here to create for YOU!

If you're expecting a rainbow baby of your own, we'd love to create a meaningful masterpiece designed exclusively with YOUR story in mind.

Click here for more information or call 208-331-2288 so we can chat more!

Precious now, Priceless Later… Photography by Cherished Images in downtown Boise is anything, but ordinary.

Always and Forever-

Kelly Zimmerman

Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio - Boise, Idaho

5 Reasons Why You Should Do Summer Family Portraits In Boise

It is time for summer family portraits!

Face it, there is always a great time to do a family portrait, however, summertime offers some unique and wonderful opportunities here in Idaho for summer family portraits!  Here just a shortlist of great reasons to plan your family portrait session now!

1) Boise is Beautiful!

Lush greenery takes the place of all the spring flowers, however, if you have your heart set on flowers, they can still be found! Cherished Images knows how to scout the perfect location for your custom family portrait session!

2) More Predictable Weather-

Yes, sometimes the phrase, “If you don’t like the weather, just wait a few minutes!” still applies during the summer months, but it’s much more consistent this time of year than most others. Golden hour can be especially magical for those perfect family memories of the long, but fleeting days, that summer has to offer.

3) No School!

(Eek! No school?!) But as most parents understand, it’s one less thing to have to try to schedule your family photos around.

4) Summer Color-

With all of the amazing locations to be found, Idaho offers some spectacular recreational outings! Whether by the river, the pool, the golf course, or the trails, our lightly sun-kissed skin can be a fond memory of our adventures! Sunscreen up, but if you’re enjoying Idaho outdoors, that vitamin D will surely filter through just a bit.  Almost everyone enjoys the way they look when they’ve had just a little touch of sun.

5) Visiting Family!

If you haven’t gone out of town to visit them, maybe they’ll come to see you?!  And if that’s the case, don’t miss the opportunity to schedule an extended family photoshoot while your loved ones are all together!

Children spell love TIME clock graphic

BONUS: Memories and Entertainment-

Children spell “love” T-I-M-E, and time spent hanging out and laughing with their families is a common side effect of a FUN family session with our photographers!  Most kids find the portrait experience one they truly enjoy and have fond memories of.  Why not check something off of the to-do list AND have a great time doing it?!

Click here for more information on Family Portraits at Cherished Images!  Call Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography at The 8th Street Studio to schedule your summer family portrait adventure with one of our award-winning photographers.  208-331-2288

8 reasons why you shouldn't wait to do your fall family portraits...

Thinking about a fall family portrait?  Autumn in Idaho presents some wonderful opportunities for great memories, however, the fall colors are only here for a limited time!  Despite all the doom and gloom that 2020 has brought, fall reminds us of how beautiful our world is and also provides a stunning backdrop for a family portrait session with Cherished Images.

After everything that everyone has been through this year, aren't you ready for "normal" again?!

Here are 8 great reasons to schedule your family portrait this year:

  1.  Having family pictures taken in the Fall is a "normal" event!  Taking the time to invest in a family portrait has always been important.  Time marches on, kids are still growing, and let's face it, we're not getting any younger. Despite how it feels, COVID didn't push the pause button on LIFE.   There is no better time to get that family portrait taken than now!
  2. Fall in the Boise Valley is beautiful and it's a perfect time to photograph your family!  Boise is the City of Trees after all!
  3. When you view your new portrait, you won't remember how hard 2020 was, you'll remember the memories you made.  You'll see everyone together, and happy.  Every day your portraits will remind you about how important your family is to you, what could be more important than that?
  4. We make it easy!  Enjoy our complimentary clothing consultations, location scouting, and customizing of all of our portrait sessions.  You don't have to worry about the details, we help you with all of that!  We can even offer optional hair and makeup services in the studio, for your added convenience.
  5. Lifetime guarantee of your wall portrait!  Yes, you read that right... we have rolled out 3 new archival print options, a canvas, and two different fine art papers that you will love!  All 3 options will last up to 200 years when properly cared for.  The vivid colors and detail will be noticeable at first glance and your wall art will adorn your home or office in ways few other prints can.  When you use our custom framing service, if anything happens to the print, bring it back and we'll replace it a no charge to you.
  6. New frame selection!  We have a newly curated selection of specialty frames to suit your unique style.  Whether you prefer vintage, modern, timeless & classic, shabby chic or eclectic...we have a frame just for you!  Choose from our selection of hand-picked mats, frame liners, fillets, and glass options to complete your vision for your decor.  Put your hammer and nails away!  As a bonus, we'll come out and hang your wall art in your home.  Why hassle hanging your own portraits when we can do it for you?  Did I mention that a lifetime guarantee comes with our framed archival prints?
  7. We have implemented a number of protocols in the studio to help ensure your health and safety.  At The 8th Street Studio, we work exclusively by appointment. This gives us the advantage of being able to socially distance and still provide the 5-star service that you have come to enjoy.  We routinely sanitize the studio and monitor the health of our staff to ensure that you will have a comfortable and safe experience with us.
  8. We miss you!  If we haven't seen you in a while, we miss you!  Our clients become like family to us, please reach out and let us know how you're doing! Our thoughts and prayers are with you!   ~Kelly and Phil

The time is now to schedule your portrait session...

Fall is here for a limited time only!  Don't let the events of the past 7 months cloud the joy that your family brings to you every day.  Now is the time to book your session!  Call the studio at 208-331-2288

Phil White M.Photog, CPP is an award-winning photographer and artist at Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography.  Phil can be reached at 208-331-2288 or philw@cherishedimages.net


Thoughts From a Newborn Photographer in the age of COVID...

As both a mom, and a newborn photographer, I understand the crazy uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought upon the world!

Months and months of waiting, all to welcome the newest member of your family!  Seeing their face for the first time... TOTALLY worth it!  (I'm pretty sure I broke out in "happy" tears with all 3 of my babies!)

As you lovingly swaddle and wrap up the little gift of life you've been given, you realize so much has changed!  You were expecting to introduce your new arrival to the world with some of the best newborn baby photography possible... but then a thought crosses your mind... What about Coronavirus?

Is it safe to take my precious bundle out into the world?  Many new parents are asking themselves this same question, and do I ever understand!

Weighing out the pros and cons of possibly missing this adorable stage?

On one hand, you desperately want to capture each precious and fleeting detail, and on the other hand, you question who you can trust with your itty-bitty?

As one of the the most experienced and best newborn photographers in Boise, I want to assure you that we are all in this together!

The health and safety of your baby is our number one priority.

Offering both studio or in-home location portraits of your newborn, Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography has been creating moments and memories that parents have trusted since 1999.

With over 20 years of experience as a newborn baby photographer, I know just how important it is to not only capture the moment in time, but also make sure that you don’t “catch” anything else in the process!

Because of this, we sanitize and disinfect our low-traffic boutique studio for each and every client, and have personal protective equipment at the ready.

Your appointment is exclusive to YOU. No crowded "waiting rooms" here!

Your portrait experience at The 8th Street Studio is the best way to minimize risk and still create once in a lifetime artwork of your baby.

Add if your stomach starts to knot up at even the thought of leaving your house??  Custom lifestyle photography created in your home, just might be a great fit for you!

You CAN (and should) have your baby photographed as early as possible, even during these uncertain times.

"By taking every necessary precaution to protect your loved ones, I consider it my responsibility to make sure you feel safe, AND end up with extraordinary newborn portraits." -Kelly

Cherished Images is here to guide you along... every step of the way.

And what about when you’re ready to capture a big smile or want to photograph those first steps?  Bun still in the oven and considering maternity photos?  The time will fly all too fast, but we’re ready to help with that too!

Our Year to Cherish Milestone Portrait Program makes sure you won’t miss out on any of those precious moments during baby's first year.

Covid-19 may be here for a while, so don’t miss out on the joy of custom created artwork while you’re waiting for it to pass.  Our precautionary measures will make sure you feel safe and secure, knowing you're trusting your baby in the hands of a very experienced professional who "gets it".

Don’t “wish you would have" taken professional newborn photos when there’s still time to make sure you have no regrets!  The artwork hanging on your walls will far outlast this temporary cause for concern.

We are committed to keeping your family safe, AND safekeeping your memories.

Enjoy some of the most amazing newborn and family portraits available, that's our promise to you.

Precious, priceless, once in a lifetime… they’re only little once.

Love and well wishes!


Call the studio at 208-331-2288 to schedule your complimentary consultation or book your session now.

PLEASE NOTE: I realize COVID-19 and wearing (or not wearing) masks is a sensitive and highly controversial subject, so therefore feel the need to clarify a few things about the featured image.  NO... we are NOT putting a mask on your baby.  NO... I am NOT suggesting you put a mask on your infant.  And NO... I am NOT taking a political stance on masks in general.  I purposely stay off of social media to avoid the subject, and hope to not offend anyone. Truly, since a picture is worth 1000 words, and they could be a very different "thousand words" to each individual... I'll simplify the message by just saying "I CARE" about the health and wellbeing of your family. You do you- whatever that may mean to you. :)

Kelly Zimmerman has been a highly experienced and creative newborn baby photographer for over 20 years.  You can contact her at info@cherishedimages.net, or call 208-331-2288

5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Newborn Baby Milestone Portrait Session...

Newborn Photography Freezes Time.

Because Babies Grow FAST!

Anyone with grown children has both watched, and experienced, just how fast "Belly" turns into "Baby", and then you blink... High School Senior!

But what if this is your first baby?

You "hear" how fast the time goes, but you won't really "get it" until you experience first hand, just how fast time really flies!

Bun still in the oven? Even better!

You're ahead of the game, as you have the opportunity to not miss out on one single moment with a maternity portrait! Read on to find out how your maternity session could be complimentary...

Why you need to consider a professional newborn photographer for your baby's first year...

1) Time Flies!

Even the most well-meaning of new parents will see, right before their very (sometimes sleep-deprived and weary) eyes, that even though the days can be long, the months will FLY by!

2) As parents, we promise ourselves we won't forget every little amazing detail, but sadly, we forget.

As you put your hands on your growing baby bump, as you hold your precious newborn in your hand, marvel at their chubby baby rolls, or laugh at their ever-changing antics, you just KNOW these moments will be engrained in your memory forever... but then life happens.

Just like the pain of childbirth, you will remember that "it hurt", but you won't be able to actually "place" the pain. (And thank the good Lord for that!)

But watching your baby grow, during the most dynamic year of their life, the same thing will happen. You will forget much of what you promised yourself you wouldn't, UNLESS you create visual memories of the process.

This is where professional photography comes into play.

Professional Photographers who create framed and finished artwork for your walls WILL help with some of the "mommy guilt" that can be associated with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We are only human, and even the best of intentions can be pushed to the wayside with everyday life.

3) Speaking of FOMO...

Sometimes we get so busy snapping away on our iPhones to make sure we've posted baby's latest accomplishment (or our own personal achievement- getting dressed in the morning- Yay!) that we forget that social media has a lifespan of about 24 hours.

Sure, you can always go back to your timeline or your story to revisit favorite moments... but will you?

It's proven that online, what is here today, is virtually "gone" within a week or less. So yes, you CAN "technically" go back to reminisce, but the chance of that happening is slim.  Plus, with every post, you are potentially taking away special moments that you could be spending with baby. Now, we're not saying don't post, just don't feel guilty if you'd rather be snuggling on that little bundle, and then snuggle away!

Talk about Fear Of Missing Out... quality time is one thing we can help you get back by taking away the worry of snapping and posting every little moment.

4) Memories that you can visit again and again just by looking around the room!

When a professional photographer provides you with photos and products that you can touch, hold, and FEEL, it is like "keeping time in a bottle".

Looking up at your beautifully crafted wall portrait, or holding your professionally designed album in your hand is one less thing YOU have to worry about. It's DONE for YOU!

A professional photographer can take care of the printing, finishing, and even framing so that you can relax and spend more time with your baby!

Fill your home with what you love most!  By using printed photos that include some of your very favorite memories, you will not only enhance your decor, but you will also be reminded of exactly why you've invested all the hard work and effort into your family... the love of your life.

5) You NEVER get a second chance.

I can't even tell you how many times I've talked to parents over the 20 years I've been photographing newborns and family portraits that have expressed regret over NOT making professionally printed artwork a priority.

Either they tried the DIY thing, or they were handed a disk, which subsequently got misplaced, never to be opened again, or even worse, they just got "caught up" in life and got so busy they actually forgot to take many photos period... they all had one thing in common. Regret.

Even the ones that had professional photos taken sometimes didn't get in the photo WITH their baby!

Next to not taking and printing pictures, this is the most common regret we hear.

It's super important to not only have the portraits taken, and then printed, but you should also be willing to get in front of the camera lens WITH them.

Yes, even if you still have the baby weight to lose! (That's what professional retouching is all about! LOL!)

Just kidding, kinda... but it is one of the reasons to work with an experienced maternity and newborn photographer. They can help you look like you, but like you, on your very best day (not the day with the bags under your eyes, spit-up on your shirt, or muffin top hanging over your pants) This is "real" life, but it does not have to be what you remember most.

Professional well done, (not over-done) retouch is part of the service you pay for when you hire a professional photographer, so don't be camera shy! And whatever you do.... don't miss out!

These are just 5 reasons why professional newborn and/or maternity photography might be right for you, RIGHT NOW.

Experience has taught us these lessons, sometimes through the "school of hard knocks".

We want to save you from the pain of regret and mommy guilt, so we created a program designed for new parents, to help navigate through the steps towards creating a photo journey you'll be proud of.

At Cherished Images, our Year To Cherish- First-Year Baby Program is designed so that you don't miss any of your baby's major milestones.

Baby in basket from God

Even if you've fallen prey to the wrath of missing some time, The Year to Cherish Program at Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio is adaptable! Miss the newborn session... don't worry... we'll start it at 4 months. Did you adopt a baby that you didn't get into your hands until 6 months? We can start the program then. We are flexible, as we know very well how life happens, so we adapt the program to YOU.

Give us a call and let's chat about the ideas and possibilities available for your custom newborn pictures. And if you are still expecting? We want to offer you a complimentary maternity session included with your Year to Cherish Program. We'd love to tell you about all of the special offers and perks that a nationally award-winning, local Boise Photographer can offer to you, as a way to turn back the hands of time (at least visually) by giving you something you will love right now, and will only grow more valuable to you as your baby gets bigger and bigger!

Cherished Images Boise Family Photographer Times FlyingTick, tick, tick... times moving quicker and quicker by the day!

Let's keep those memories at hand. We'll walk you through every step of the process :)

Call 208-331-2288 and we can chat about how to make Baby's 1st-year EXTRA special.



Turning Into A Couch Potato Yet?!

I'm pretty sure that I am!

Not because I've "wanted to"... but this Stay At Home, Coronavirus/Covid-19 thing is driving us all a tad stir crazy. (Can anyone relate? LOL!)

Here's a fun little family project that I did with my kids.

It was a great way to exercise their creative minds, kill some time, and keep them from driving each other (and me!) completely batty.

As a fun little side bonus, it's also helped us to stay connected with friends and family!

Follow me on Instagram, as I've posted my little Idaho Potato Family to my Instagram account @cherishedchildren

You can keep your family from turning into couch potatoes too!

** Here's How- Set your kitchen timer for 30 minutes and see what you and the kiddos can come up with from the kitchen to represent each member of your family.  

Helpful Hint: I also raided my junk drawer, and my daughter's Barbie box for a little inspiration.  Elijah's "Mickey Mouse" hat is an old sock from The Sock Monster's leftover pile ;)

Potato Family Created by Kelly Zimmerman as a way to keep kids from complete boredom

If you decide to play- please hashtag #MyCherishedFamily so I can see what y'all have come up with!


Who ever thought a "long weekend" could get old?!

This long "extended weekend" that I've always dreamt about has become a little more like Groundhog Day (the movie!).

Or maybe even more like the mini-feature from Disney's Once Upon a Christmas- "Donald Duck's Stuck On Christmas".  We've become like Huey, Dewey and Louie, who once found the holiday a blast, but quickly become bored with it as the day happens over, and over, and OVER again!

Even Disney knows that there is such thing as too much fun with Donald Ducks nephews experiencing Christmas over and over again

Anyone else out there with bored children who are stuck at home actually BEGGING to go to school?! WTW?

It's super confusing, as each day seems to draaaaaggg by, and yet the weeks seem to be flying?!

Could it be that it's because bills are due again soon?! Ugh.

Each day as I write in my bullet journal (bujo), I write the date, along with the DAY of the week.  

If it weren't for that and my iWatch, I'm pretty sure I might not even know what day of the week it was. Sigh.

On a positive note, I also make a list of the things I'm grateful for, making sure to write a highlight of each day.

Daily gratitude, counting my blessings, and making sure that I have a clue what I did for the day has helped keep me slightly more productive.

A surprising byproduct of owning a small local business that is closed right now, is that I've found myself with something I'm not sure that I ever thought I'd reclaim- spare time!!

Cherished Images Boise Family Photographer Times Flying

Having spare time is a luxury that I have indulged in. Yes, sometimes on the sofa, but I've also been able to use it to further my creative efforts.

As a full time professional photographer, photography is now my career, not really a hobby.

After 20 years of owning my own photography studio, it was pretty rare to pick up my camera just for the fun of it.  

With the exception of travel photography, fashion and design, and digitally painting and compositing pictures for competition, my art business did not allow for as much fun stuff as I would have hoped.

As a born artist and entrepreneur, I knew from a VERY young age, that I was supposed to create art.

Even as a child, I was peddling my wares!

Picture of earrings created by child artist

My mom found these earrings that I made somewhere in her stuff when she was moving up here to Idaho a few years ago and gave them to me. It was my first attempt at "branding" some of my creations!

She said I was probably not much older than 10 or so when I made them. LOL! Can't believe she kept them for all these years!!

Stained glass, pottery, writing, painting, cooking, jewelry... there's not much I didn't try. Creative projecting was my middle name!  

And then came LIFE...

My first child was born just before I turned 20. I opened my first downtown studio location when I was 21, and well... the rest is history.

Life just got busier and busier. Spare time?!

I quite literally was NEVER BORED. I didn't even know what the word boredom meant!

Each day was so jam packed full of "stuff" that I had little downtime to relish in.

I'm pretty sure that's where my extreme WANDERLUST came from.  

Exploring the world through vacations was the one time I was able to truly unplug, unwind, and spend quality time with my kiddos.

Work hard to PLAY hard, that was my life's motto.

Making more, so that I could go further- like LITERALLY further!  I haven't been EVERYWHERE (yet!) but it's on my list.

Map of the world to explore

Counting my wins-

Traveling for fun, at least once per quarter, has been a goal (that I've actually accomplished) for over 5 years now.

Growing up in Southern California, I've ALWAYS been a HUGE Disney Fan... like I mean H-U-G-E!!

I've held annual passes to both Disneyland and Disney World (I had both in 2015!) and have been fortunate enough to even go on 7 Disney cruises.

When I say that I'm a Disney fan... it might be closer to "fanatical"! LOL

When I bought into Disney Vacation Club (DVC) a couple of years ago, it just fueled my passion even that much more. I've officially stayed at every DVC property, with the exception of Aulani, Hilton Head, and now, the new Riviera (although I actually got to ride the sky tram there and walk through the property!) If any of you have any questions about Disney vacations, or just like to talk Disney, I'm your gal!

Missing Disney because I'm "grounded", makes me appreciate the vacation photos that we've taken through the years even more!

If you've been pursuing old travel photos and reminiscing the past like I have, what a better time to create a vacation story book?

White Glove Guided Photo Finishing Service can help with that!

We help you sort through your favorite pics and create a custom designed, printed memory album.  This book creates something tangible that you can touch, hold and feel again! Eliminating the pain of digging through files on your phone or computer!

Printed photos and professionally created memory books are one of the best ways to keepsake your favorite moments!

So... No business, no travel, and no fun??

Actually that's not true at all! Well, maybe the no travel part, but The 8th Street Studio is accepting appointments!

Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign are actively accepting appointments, fulfilling orders, and going through archives for clients. We are doing whatever we can to keep the ship a float!  Granted, it's not near to the volume that it needs to be at, but we do still have a business, and God willing... it will stay that way!

And the  "no fun" part... well... that's just not true either!

Actually we've had loads of fun!  Probably just like many of you, I've spent more quality time with my family ("forced" or otherwise) than I have in a long time.

We've sang karaoke, rode bikes, taken drives, had TONS of spa time in the hot tub, cooked meals, baked cookies... so along with all the bickering that comes along with bored kiddos, there have been many of highlights as well.

I have literally watched springtime in Boise unveil itself like never before! Right before my eyes! Because I'm actually watching (uh... paying attention is probably closer to the truth.)

And that long "extended weekend" thing, that has indeed lost a bit of it's charm, has made me grow as both an artist, and a person!

I completed a colored pencil drawing on wood, that I would have NEVER even attempted before, due to lack of time.

From 2 different worlds, bird flirts with koi fish pencil drawing by Kelly Zimmerman local Boise Artist

I've watched YouTube tutorials (even though I mostly hate watching videos) on drawing, painting, sketching, and the like... that I would never have done before.  I even purchased a set of TomBow pens to further my hand lettering and art skills that I have mostly neglected in the past.

Not to mention that I FINALLY "mostly" set up my home office to allow me to do as much as possible from my "happy place" (my 23 year old daughters reclaimed bedroom) where I do yoga, mediate, write in my journal, draw in my sketchbook, read.... what ever floats my boat on any given day. As an introverted artist, it's SO NICE to actually have a place to unwind in!

So, as much "wha-whaing" (ok, whining) as I've done about Staying At Home to "slow the spread"... there's been many blessings that have come out of it, that I would have never seen, or had (made?) time for before.

Life has changed... indeed.

But maybe it was a nice "reset" button that many of us needed.

Here's to family time, creative thinking, and brighter tomorrows-

With Love and Virtual Hugs-


Kelly Zimmerman, artist, photographer, small business owner- Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography at The 8th Street Studio - Boise, Idaho


Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman Awarded 2020 "Idaho Photographer Of The Year"

We are so excited to announce that our very own photographic artist, Kelly Zimmerman, has been awarded "Idaho Photographer of the Year" by Professional Photographers of Idaho!

With a print scoring a perfect 100, and an average case score of 94, her showings helped to gain this prestigious title for the 2nd year in a row. 3 judges choice ribbons and multiple trophies now adorn The 8th Street Studio along with other high honors from her 20 year career.

Associate Master Photographer, Phil White, swept the Master Senior Photographer category, along with pulling in various other awards given to some of the best photographers in Idaho.

Boise represented as a key player in the professional photography industry, and we are lucky enough to have some of the top artists in the Northwest right here at Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign!

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman And Phil White from The 8th Street Studio

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman (with husband Steven Zimmerman) & Master Photographer Phil White (with wife Michelle White) Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography and CsiPhotoDesign in The 8th Street Studio

Please contact The 8th Street Studio to see how award winning wall art can be custom created for your family or business 208-996-6922

Idaho Women's Business Center Resource

This whole COVID-19 crisis has been a rollercoaster ride... to say the least! But one thing I will tell you that it's helped me to do- seek out resources that I didn't even know existed! 


We tend to get so caught up in the daily activities of life and work, that when something crazy- (like Coronavirus!) disrupts our busy schedules, and we now find ourselves with less of certain things (cashflow), and more of others (time), it shifts our focus onto things we may or may not have seen or even noticed before.

I have been using this time to not only think and reflect, but also seek out possibilities!

During this search, I found a neat resource that I never would have thought about- A place to help Women Owned Businesses in Idaho... for FREE?!

Now, yes, I'm sure there are many of you out there saying, "Well, duh... How have you never heard of this service that is backed by the U.S. Small Business Administration?"  But I hadn't! So, as a downtown Boise small business owner of over 20 years, who had no idea this was a "thing"... I'm guessing there are a few more women business owners out there who have been so busy running their business (not to mention juggling and balancing their family and home lives) they haven't gotten around to looking up what help and support there is out there... so I'm sharing now.

The Idaho Women's Business Center has a TON of tools for women-run businesses, so many resources that I didn't even get through ALL the options that were available right here at my finger tips!  So, I wanted to give them a shout out (THANK YOU!!) and also spread awareness of some tools that, had I have known, would have been extremely useful to me over the years! 

Here's the landing page that I was able to set up with just a small time investment.


And did I mention that it was FREE?!

Now... it's on to research what else I have explored and discovered, since maybe I've been under a rock for a while! LOL!

- Kelly

Looking for Rainbows and Sunshine at the end of this storm... A Note from Kelly & Phil-

Imagine us singing the song, "The sun will come out... tomorrow... so ya gotta hang on 'til tomorrow..." (Can you hear it now? Sorry if we got the song stuck in your head! Hope it wasn't in our voices! Eek!)

You are our sunshine and rainbows during COVID-19


We just wanted to reach out and tell each and every one of you, just how much we appreciate your love and support during this time of unprecedented, ever changing, craziness!

We are doing the very best that we can to make sure that we are meeting your needs and looking towards the future of brighter tomorrows.

The 8th Street Studio had to temporarily shut the front doors to make sure we are in compliance with all local and recommended CDC guidelines, however please know... As your resident memory making, time-keeping, artists at CsiPhotoDesign and professional family photographers at Cherished Images , we are still HERE for you!  And we insist on making lemonade outta lemons by not getting swept up into the dreary days, as we keep our chins held high and continue to pray for health and peace of mind for all our clients, families, and friends.

We are still taking appointments, and rest assured, if you were on our list of local businesses to be photographed, we will honor those commitments, just as soon as the precautionary safety measures have been lifted.

Luckily the internet has allowed us to do a fair amount of work, and we are still answering The 8th Street Studio phone (208-996-6922) to address any of your questions or concerns, book future photography sessions and appointments, set online Reveal and Orders, and print whatever photos we can for YOU!

If you haven't already read Kelly's long winded blog post from the other day, take a minute to skim through it to see some of the ways we are working to make sure your needs are taken care of.

With the exception of the "doors being open" part... we will still give you a listening ear, hope, encouragement, and beautiful artwork during this down time.

Virtual Hugs and blessings to all!

Kelly Zimmerman & Phil White

The Only Thing Certain in Life...

Well, besides “death and taxes”, of course… is CHANGE!

And we are experiencing that on a daily basis in this crazy world we’re living in!

There’s no “doom and gloom” to be found in this post, nor is it all rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns… however we are always on the lookout for unicorns, or at least a good ‘out of the box’ perspective and some whimsical fun! (Especially when reality hits the fan!)

And even more than that, we’re ALWAYS happy to see the rainbow after a rainstorm! As we do truly believe that life is all about perception and what you choose to set your mind on.


Towards the bottom of this very longwinded post is where you can find what we’re doing to help in the meantime!


Sure, we could choose to get caught up in the frenzy, the negative social media, or the panic that has stricken a better part of our modern world… but when you choose to surround yourself with positive messages, encouragement and hope, your overall outlook PAST the current events, can give you a reason to keep on- keeping on!

- Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but be inundated with news about Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is turning people into varying degrees of house-bound, germophobic, toilet paper hoarders… and even those of us who aren’t specifically prone to worry and anxiety, have limits that are being tested!

- Children home from school begging to go play with their friends, hands so cracked and dry from extra sanitizing and scrubbing, almost completely bare shelves at many local grocery stores, and “out of stock” labels where the price should be on necessities from online retailers.

It seems like the entire world has lost their minds in some fashion or another, and boy oh boy, do we get it!!


While much of what I say is, “tongue in cheek”, it is not to undermine the serious nature of those being affected by this, as we realize there are MANY of us that are experiencing MAJOR challenges with health, isolation, economic worries, amongst other trickle effects that none of us are immune from. We feel it too!


Change- it’s hard!


The number of emails that we’ve been receiving on the COVID-19 virus has caused me only to postpone writing this note, as I was almost hesitant to reach out about a subject that most of us are sick of hearing about, yet we have no choice but to listen up and pay attention, as social distancing to help slow the spread only works when everyone participates, there are important matters at hand.


It's undeniable, the world as we know it, has changed.


I avoid social media, almost like the plague, as it tends to be a breeding ground for rumors and negativity, and I’m not sure about you, but I only have so much time and energy and prefer to spend it on the most important things.

Facts, Family, Fun, and of course, meeting the needs of our loyal clients, many of whom fit into my “FAMILY” category, as my 20 year career in the memory-making business has indeed created a whole lineage of extended “brothers and sisters” whom I love so dearly!


Here at The 8th Street Studio we’ve been spending the last several weeks brainstorming how we can best serve some of our favorite friends and family members, helping to assist them through one of the most turbulent times of change that most of us have experienced.


We want to let you know, first and foremost… we’re HERE for you!! And we’re listening to YOU!

At our clean, low-volume portrait studio, our phone lines, inboxes, and (at least currently) our doors, are OPEN to receive your thoughts, concerns, and even just a listening ear if you need it.  As of now, we are very thankfully, healthy and ready to help!

You will find our empathy pouring out to you as we navigate these changing and uncertain times, as we too, are dealing with the same change.

One thing that can either divide or strengthen and build a community is how we handle any given situation, especially one that no one has control over.  We would like to spread a message of CONNECTION, LOVE, and HOPE out to all of those that this pandemic is affecting.

I have been encouraged to see many people band together, words of kindness spread abundantly, and thoughts of a brighter tomorrow, to help compensate for some of the negative news and fear of the future.

We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know WHO holds the future, and when you have this assurance, a peace that passes all understanding can be yours as well. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please feel free to ask me.

In the meantime, I would like to personally assure you of the extra precautionary measures we are taking here at The 8th Street Studio to make sure you’re taken care of, not only for the present moment, but well into the future.



We, like many small “mom and pop” shops feel the direct impact of crazy times like these, even a little more than most, as we don’t have a giant storehouse built up to pull from when we look to pay our mortgages and feed our families. As bills and overhead continue to arrive daily, your support is both appreciated and a true gift that I have mounds of gratitude for.

Supporting local businesses during these trying times is vital. What this looks like will mean different things to different people, but I for one will be trying to patronize local restaurants with to-go orders, shopping online local shops and stores whenever possible, and certainly praying for anyone who asks, as that’s the very best I have to offer right now.

When we band together, we can move mountains. Let’s take time to celebrate little victories along the way, cheer each other on and raise awareness for not only cleanliness and hygiene practices, but common courtesy and ‘pay it forward’ practices as well.


Here’s what we at The 8th Street Studio are doing to help you during these trying times.









We're here for you! We “get it”.


Don’t let time steal anymore precious moments- Let us help you find the fun, and create memories, even to spite the current global situation.


Virtual Hugs to all- with love

Kelly Zimmerman

Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio