5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Newborn Baby Milestone Portrait Session...

Newborn Photography Freezes Time.

Because Babies Grow FAST!

Anyone with grown children has both watched, and experienced, just how fast "Belly" turns into "Baby", and then you blink... High School Senior!

But what if this is your first baby?

You "hear" how fast the time goes, but you won't really "get it" until you experience first hand, just how fast time really flies!

Bun still in the oven? Even better!

You're ahead of the game, as you have the opportunity to not miss out on one single moment with a maternity portrait! Read on to find out how your maternity session could be complimentary...

Why you need to consider a professional newborn photographer for your baby's first year...

1) Time Flies!

Even the most well-meaning of new parents will see, right before their very (sometimes sleep-deprived and weary) eyes, that even though the days can be long, the months will FLY by!

2) As parents, we promise ourselves we won't forget every little amazing detail, but sadly, we forget.

As you put your hands on your growing baby bump, as you hold your precious newborn in your hand, marvel at their chubby baby rolls, or laugh at their ever-changing antics, you just KNOW these moments will be engrained in your memory forever... but then life happens.

Just like the pain of childbirth, you will remember that "it hurt", but you won't be able to actually "place" the pain. (And thank the good Lord for that!)

But watching your baby grow, during the most dynamic year of their life, the same thing will happen. You will forget much of what you promised yourself you wouldn't, UNLESS you create visual memories of the process.

This is where professional photography comes into play.

Professional Photographers who create framed and finished artwork for your walls WILL help with some of the "mommy guilt" that can be associated with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). We are only human, and even the best of intentions can be pushed to the wayside with everyday life.

3) Speaking of FOMO...

Sometimes we get so busy snapping away on our iPhones to make sure we've posted baby's latest accomplishment (or our own personal achievement- getting dressed in the morning- Yay!) that we forget that social media has a lifespan of about 24 hours.

Sure, you can always go back to your timeline or your story to revisit favorite moments... but will you?

It's proven that online, what is here today, is virtually "gone" within a week or less. So yes, you CAN "technically" go back to reminisce, but the chance of that happening is slim.  Plus, with every post, you are potentially taking away special moments that you could be spending with baby. Now, we're not saying don't post, just don't feel guilty if you'd rather be snuggling on that little bundle, and then snuggle away!

Talk about Fear Of Missing Out... quality time is one thing we can help you get back by taking away the worry of snapping and posting every little moment.

4) Memories that you can visit again and again just by looking around the room!

When a professional photographer provides you with photos and products that you can touch, hold, and FEEL, it is like "keeping time in a bottle".

Looking up at your beautifully crafted wall portrait, or holding your professionally designed album in your hand is one less thing YOU have to worry about. It's DONE for YOU!

A professional photographer can take care of the printing, finishing, and even framing so that you can relax and spend more time with your baby!

Fill your home with what you love most!  By using printed photos that include some of your very favorite memories, you will not only enhance your decor, but you will also be reminded of exactly why you've invested all the hard work and effort into your family... the love of your life.

5) You NEVER get a second chance.

I can't even tell you how many times I've talked to parents over the 20 years I've been photographing newborns and family portraits that have expressed regret over NOT making professionally printed artwork a priority.

Either they tried the DIY thing, or they were handed a disk, which subsequently got misplaced, never to be opened again, or even worse, they just got "caught up" in life and got so busy they actually forgot to take many photos period... they all had one thing in common. Regret.

Even the ones that had professional photos taken sometimes didn't get in the photo WITH their baby!

Next to not taking and printing pictures, this is the most common regret we hear.

It's super important to not only have the portraits taken, and then printed, but you should also be willing to get in front of the camera lens WITH them.

Yes, even if you still have the baby weight to lose! (That's what professional retouching is all about! LOL!)

Just kidding, kinda... but it is one of the reasons to work with an experienced maternity and newborn photographer. They can help you look like you, but like you, on your very best day (not the day with the bags under your eyes, spit-up on your shirt, or muffin top hanging over your pants) This is "real" life, but it does not have to be what you remember most.

Professional well done, (not over-done) retouch is part of the service you pay for when you hire a professional photographer, so don't be camera shy! And whatever you do.... don't miss out!

These are just 5 reasons why professional newborn and/or maternity photography might be right for you, RIGHT NOW.

Experience has taught us these lessons, sometimes through the "school of hard knocks".

We want to save you from the pain of regret and mommy guilt, so we created a program designed for new parents, to help navigate through the steps towards creating a photo journey you'll be proud of.

At Cherished Images, our Year To Cherish- First-Year Baby Program is designed so that you don't miss any of your baby's major milestones.

Baby in basket from God

Even if you've fallen prey to the wrath of missing some time, The Year to Cherish Program at Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio is adaptable! Miss the newborn session... don't worry... we'll start it at 4 months. Did you adopt a baby that you didn't get into your hands until 6 months? We can start the program then. We are flexible, as we know very well how life happens, so we adapt the program to YOU.

Give us a call and let's chat about the ideas and possibilities available for your custom newborn pictures. And if you are still expecting? We want to offer you a complimentary maternity session included with your Year to Cherish Program. We'd love to tell you about all of the special offers and perks that a nationally award-winning, local Boise Photographer can offer to you, as a way to turn back the hands of time (at least visually) by giving you something you will love right now, and will only grow more valuable to you as your baby gets bigger and bigger!

Cherished Images Boise Family Photographer Times FlyingTick, tick, tick... times moving quicker and quicker by the day!

Let's keep those memories at hand. We'll walk you through every step of the process :)

Call 208-331-2288 and we can chat about how to make Baby's 1st-year EXTRA special.



Baby Kitten Portraits - Ash

Check out this latest video we just posted of a baby kitty!!

This is some major cat-cuteness overload!

Baby Kitty "Ash" was one of the first sessions we were able to photograph in the studio during this Phase 1 re-opening of the Boise economy, this last Friday.

Lucky for us, he was a blast to play with, and maybe even funnier to sit and watch!

We laughed as we tried to keep his toddler-like attention span in check, but we eventually won him over. He had so much fun that he actually conked out! As he relaxed, we photographed the last of his sleepy moments before he was up and ready to explore again!

There's one of the images where Ash meowed at us, and I swear it looks a little like Simba from the Lion King when he was "working on his roar"! LOL!

As professional pet photographers, we photograph tons of dogs, cats, and puppies...  but I don't think we've ever photographed a 5-week old kitten before!

SO sweet! We're looking forward to seeing this little guy in print.

Why, oh why can't they stay this adorable forever?!

But wait... they can!

Because "forever" CAN HAPPEN in a portrait!

We can't ever roll back the time, but we can capture it while it lasts!

Remember the moment. Cherished Images can help :)

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