Growing Up With Santa - 8 years in 60 seconds...

There is nothing more precious than watching children grow.  Even if it is ridiculously bittersweet.

The Santa Experience started as a way to capture childhood memories, but secretly, it was a way for me to create something special for my own kiddos and watch them growing up with Santa.

We started the very first Santa Experience Christmas Event in 2014 at The 6th Street Studio. (That's not a typo- back in the day I had two separate downtown locations- one in BoDo at The 8th Street Marketplace, and one very close to 6th and Main.)

In 2015 we combined both locations into one creating The 8th Street Studio, our current location.

The location changed, and the set has evolved, but mostly TIME has flown as the children have GROWN!

Watch this video as it is very evident just how quickly it happens.  I'm pretty sure I just blinked, and they grew up.

It both warms my heart and makes me well up just a bit, as watching them grow completely melts my heart!

Elijah was 8 years old, and Azaiah was only 5 when we launched The Santa Experience.

Now at almost 17, and 14 we will be surrendering our special appointment, sob.

I know that my kids will always have very fond memories of their youth.

As a parent, I'm extremely grateful to have these precious heirlooms to cherish for a lifetime.

Truly, a labor of love, we spend over a week putting together this specialty vintage-inspired toy workshop art installation.

If you're interested in creating a Holiday tradition for your own kiddos, check out The Santa Experience at Cherished Images at the 8th Street Studio as it's unlike anything else around.

Custom-designed wall art is our specialty, as it creates the perfect visual to complement your decor by filling your home with what you love most.

Looking forward to many more years of creating memories for others, as we love to watch their children's eyes light up, and watch them growing up with Santa too.  It's amazing to be able to capture a little piece of "time" to keep for the ages.


Until then-

-Kelly :)

Falling For Fall Family Portraits- Boise is the Perfect Backdrop!

In over 23 years of business, I have yet to hear a client say, "I don't like the idea of fall family portraits."

The general consensus is that Fall Family Portraits are AMAZING!

What's not to like about a good old fashion fall in Boise?!  It is The City of Trees after all :)

Girl in fall leaves pulling boy in wagon

This year has been an odd one.  With very little rain, and temperatures that resemble more of a "2nd summer" than late fall, it has delayed the stunning display just a bit.

We always think it's better late than never though, right?!

It's almost getting bearable to wear a sweater and boots outside in the afternoon sun... almost.

What that means for you though, is that you haven't missed it!

Cherished Images is still booking fall family pictures that will both decorate your wall with stunning luxury wall art, and tell YOUR story.

As custom photographers, we are out and about scouting locations almost daily this time of year.  Looking for some of the best naturally beautiful backdrops to capture that incredible color and bring it to your home decor as personalized decorative wall art of those you love most... your family!

Spread the cheer- the holidays are near!

With the holidays sneaking up on us, it's also a great idea to check those Christmas gifts off of your list, by purchasing prints to give to those hard to buy for people (uh-huh... grandparents... notoriously hard! Checked off the list- BONUS!)

Christmas and holiday greeting cards are also made extra memorable when you adorn them with your fall photos.  Another bonus- we custom design each one, so yours is sure to be unique when it arrives in someone's mailbox.

Contact us to schedule your fall family portrait session while you still can.  Next fall is a whole year away, after all!

Call the studio at 208-331-2288 or click THIS LINK to book.

Family walking with fall colors

Sweaters, and ciders, and pumpkins... oh my!!  Can't wait to create some memories for your family this year.

Until then-

Kelly :)

Fine Art Heirloom Painted Portrait - The Story of Cormac the Cat

Fine Art Heirloom Paintings from old digital photos are a great way to commemorate the life of a loved one... even a beloved furry family member.

Every year Cherished Images donates photography services to the Idaho Humane Society.  They auction off custom photography sessions to be turned into calendar pages, as an annual fundraiser for the charity.

We had an opportunity to work with a very special request this year.

Here's the story behind the art...Before and After Digital Painting of Cat

The Story...

We first met the Studebaker family when they purchased the most coveted calendar page- the cover of the 2023 Idaho Humane Society calendar.

During the consultation, as we were discussing what they would like their custom cover photoshoot to look like, we heard the most amazing story.  A story, that absolutely melted my heart!

The family has several pets, including a couple of GORGEOUS and exotic designer animals, that would have been super fun to photograph!

However, they felt strongly that one pet, in particular, would be the most appropriate to be featured in the IHS calendar...

Cormac- a cat that was adopted from the Idaho Humane Society.

The Challenge...

The only problem with photographing Cormac is that he's up playing with the giant ball of yarn in the sky.

Cormac had recently passed away.

You see, they adopted Cormac as an act of mercy, as he was already well advanced in age when they brought him home.

Typically, most people would go to the shelter to pick out the most cuddly adorable kitten available.

I mean who doesn't want to bring home a tiny little snuggle bug to love on?!

But the truest form of selflessness is adopting an animal that might otherwise have been put down.

They rescued a pet that had been deemed  'well past his prime,' a pet that they knew they would have limited time with.

Cormac received the gift of a second chance, and the family received a gift of their own... an addition to the family.

With his sweet nature and the most adorable freckle on his nose, he quickly became part of the family.

Cormac even has his own Instagram that their son set up in his honor.  This cat was very LOVED!

The Art...

The family had taken some very nice iPhone photos of Cormac through the short years he spent with them.

Upon discussing options, we arrived at the idea of commissioning a painting to be crafted from one of the snapshots.

What a great way to remember his legacy, and have something stunning for the cover of the calendar and their wall!

We ultimately decided that an environmental style painted portrait would suit their tastes.  I went to work digitally compositing, and then painting each and every pixel by hand.

Blending an inside cell phone snapshot with an outside scenic image was no easy task!

Hours and hours (maybe even days) went into this painting commission.  We came right down to the wire of the submission deadline, but we did it!

The Finished Products...

I am anxiously waiting to see the formatted and printed calendar!

What a fun surprise it will be when production is complete and the calendars are ready for sale!

But my very favorite... the finished wall portrait...  It's incredible!!

The fall colors blended with the sky, the handprinted flowers, and oh... those whiskers!!  Cormac had the most amazing whiskers!

Thanks to the Studebaker family and the Idaho Humane Society for extending me both the honor and privilege to custom create this artwork.  Starting from next to nothing, and envisioning what the finished product "could" look like, takes a leap of faith.

I'm grateful that all the hard work paid off, and am very proud of the finished painting.  The wall art will live on as a true... Cherished Image.

- Kelly

Want to leave a legacy or commemorate a loved one? Can a Fine Art Heirloom Portrait be right for your family?  Contact Cherished Images for a complimentary consultation.


The Santa Experience- Christmas in July Special!

Looking for pictures with Santa in Boise?

Would you enjoy a more personalized and specialized approach, resulting in something WAY better than just those awkward mall-style "Santa photos"?

We can help!

Unlike some professional photography studios who just use a Christmas theme or printed background, we actually build and create Santa's vintage inspired workshop... from scratch!

It takes a full week to set up, but results in some of the best child portrait photography... EVER!

We actually turn The 8th Street Studio into 360 degrees of pure holiday magic.

Honestly, you have to see it to really believe it, but better still... you can experience it for yourself.

The Santa Experience 2022 is booking NOW!

Smiling Baby With Santa

Christmas in July Special Offer

Christmas, in July?! I know, I know... who wants to think about the holidays when it's 100+ degrees outside?!

But here's why you SHOULD consider scheduling your session now...

Book your Boise Santa Experience before July 31 and you get extra $$ to spend later!

On top of the best Christmas Cards EVER (24 personalized, luxurious cards and envelopes come with the experience!) you also get an EXTRA $50 in portrait credit to spend on those storybook quality prints you purchase from your child's session. It's simply the best value that we offer for this VERY limited edition event.

Better still... Easy Gift Giving!

Watch your children's eyes light up AND check those 'hard to buy for people' off your Christmas list.  Win-win!

Oh... we even make it easy to 'gift yourself' with that heirloom style wall art to enjoy in your own home.  You deserve a statement holiday art print.  You've worked really hard this year, right?!

Merry Christmas Mommy ;)

It only happens once a year, and only for 2 days!

This years portrait event will be held Saturday, November 12 & 13th, 2022.

Yes- that's NOVEMBER (not December) to allow enough time to create the stunning prints and cards for just in time for holiday gifting.

Haven't heard of The Santa Experience by Cherished Images?  Click HERE for more details!

We are over half booked for our 2022 season, but even if there are spots till open... Who's ever heard of "Christmas in August"? (Me neither!)  So call by 7/31/22 to save! 208-331-2288

Can't wait for you to experience the difference that experience makes!

Cheers- Kelly :)

Why Cherished Images Is Your Best Choice For Newborn Photography

There are SO many choices for Newborn Photography!  Here's what to look for...

You're busy nesting, a bit sleep deprived, and feeling the need to take advantage of every moment you have left to get some stuff done.  You know you want to capture those precious moments after you bring baby home, but when you sit down to type "Newborn Photographer" in the search bar, about a zillion links come up.

How is one to choose a baby photographer?

The process can be overwhelming!

We'd like to make your search just a little easier, by not just showing you pretty pictures, but allowing you to see some of the reasons why Cherished Images might be a good fit to create frame worthy artwork for your wall.  Keep scrolling to find our what makes us different...

Newborn Baby Girl in Basket


Nationally award winning artist, Kelly Zimmerman has over 23 years of experience photographing newborns and their families.  Having 3 children herself, she knows first hand just how important it is to earn your loyalty and trust, so that you have a professional photographer that you can count on.  One of the most rewarding aspects of her career is watching those babies grow!

Health and Safety-

Our professional studio, established in 1999, is warm, cozy, and clean.  The health and safety of your child is our number one priority.


More comfortable in your own environment?  We also offer in-home lifestyle photography services, if you find that more convenient.  Siblings and families are always welcome to join in on the fun, with no extra fees to participate.


During your complimentary clothing and style consult we will show you all the props, backgrounds, and wardrobe options we have available for you to use.  We do as much as the leg-work as possible, so you don't have to.  This can include personal shopping, coordinating clothing options, or finding specialty props. We never want your portraits to look like anyone else's, so we custom design your session from the ground up, based on your personal style and preferences.

Promise of quality-

We want you to LOVE your portraits, and will do whatever necessary to make sure that happens.  Ensuring your complete satisfaction is always our goal.

Easier Decisions-

With our specialty software, we have the ability to show you what your portraits look like on YOUR walls before you ever purchase them.  With just a tiny bit of "homework" you can ensure you choose the most appropriately sized wall portraits for your space.  We never leave you to try to sort through bunches of un-retouched files, struggling to find the "best of".  We will help you make the best choices possible with our fun shopping experience during your Reveal and Order Session.  In home design consults are also available.

Frame Installation-

No hammer and nail necessary!  With the purchase of framed wall art, we will send out a professional installer to hang the portraits on your wall, ensuring everything is level and spaced evenly.  No more "honey-do's" that may or may not actually get done.

Full Service, Finished Products-

Be honest, how many incredible and amazing memories do you have hanging out on your phone or online?  Probably too many to count!  Too many files and not enough time in the day equals memories that may, or may not, be readily accessible in the future.  Digital media is where memories go to die.  We make sure that you have physical prints to touch, hold, and feel... Memories that you can pass on for generations to come.  Busy moms love Cherished Images because we help to take tedious tasks off of their plates.  Yay for checking things off of the never ending to-do lists!

Professional Retouching-

Babies have tender skin that is subject to flaking, scratching, and temporary imperfections.  Every image you order is professionally retouched with the utmost care, to make sure your baby is as "perfect" (without looking plastic- LOL!) as you remember.  And mom, if you're in the picture, isn't it always appreciated knowing that blemishes, stray hairs, tired eyes, and muffin tops can be camouflaged?  You will still look like "you", just you on your very best day!

Sharable Social Media Files-

We know that sharing your joy with friends and family is super important, so we include a complimentary sharable social media file from any image you purchase a retouched print from.

Extensive Archiving-

Although we only "guarantee" to hold images for 90 days, currently we have years and years of our clients memories in storage... just in case.  We aim to be a Memory Keeper studio.  Over the years we've helped numerous clients retrieve images that would have been otherwise lost due to flooding, fires, and even spilled orange juice that seeped into table top frames.  So even though we can't make promises we aren't able to keep should an unforeseen circumstance, we do promise to do our very best to make sure your memories are stored, both on and off site, should the need ever arise.

Year to Cherish-

Both our favorite program and the very best value we offer.  Our Year to Cherish Portrait Milestone Program is AMAZING!  We capture all the major milestones during baby's first year.  Sleepy newborn, 4 month smiles, sitting up at 8 months, and of course, the classic 1 year standing and cake smash pictures!  Wow what a journey, and we make sure that even the busiest of moms gets to remember them for now and for always.  Check out more details HERE.

It's our privilege to have photographed hundreds of newborns over the years, and even more of a privilege when they come back with their own little ones!  That's what being "Your Family Photographer for Life" really means.  We'd love the opportunity to work with you and your growing family.

Call the studio at 208-331-2288 to schedule a complementary consultation to find out if Cherished Images is a good fit for you and your family.




Winter Wonderland Portrait Sessions

Do you wanna build a snowman?  (No snow or frozen fingers required!)

Winter Wonderland Magical Snowman Sessions are designed to capture some of your very favorite cold weather memories.

From the creators of The Boise Santa Experience, Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio brings you a magical new way to experience winter fun, any time of year!

  1. Initial captures are photographed against a plain background in the comfort of our warm and cozy studio.
  2. Award-winning artists will digitally handcraft an extra special surprise by adding the snowman and other winter elements.
  3. You get an heirloom quality wall portrait to be treasured for years to come.

Mom and child playing in snow

Playtime = Quality Time!

Children and families alike will enjoy these super fun and interactive sessions.

With a little planning, and a lot of imagination, you can have memories that warm your heart!

Not creative?  No worries!  We have all the imagination that you need.  We're here to help you every step of the way.

Cherished Images offers an exclusive promise of quality on every piece of art produced.

We know you will LOVE it!

Due to the custom nature of the photography and the extensive digital artwork required, a retainer towards your wall portrait is required when reserving your session.

Framing, albums, gift portraits, and custom greeting cards are also available, as accessories to your custom painting.

P.S. Do you already have a digital image that you think would be perfect for this project?  We'd be happy to look at it and discuss the possibilities!

Schedule your very own Winter Wonderland Magical Session and artist commission by calling the studio at 208-331-2288.



Baby Kitten Portraits - Ash

Check out this latest video we just posted of a baby kitty!!

This is some major cat-cuteness overload!

Baby Kitty "Ash" was one of the first sessions we were able to photograph in the studio during this Phase 1 re-opening of the Boise economy, this last Friday.

Lucky for us, he was a blast to play with, and maybe even funnier to sit and watch!

We laughed as we tried to keep his toddler-like attention span in check, but we eventually won him over. He had so much fun that he actually conked out! As he relaxed, we photographed the last of his sleepy moments before he was up and ready to explore again!

There's one of the images where Ash meowed at us, and I swear it looks a little like Simba from the Lion King when he was "working on his roar"! LOL!

As professional pet photographers, we photograph tons of dogs, cats, and puppies...  but I don't think we've ever photographed a 5-week old kitten before!

SO sweet! We're looking forward to seeing this little guy in print.

Why, oh why can't they stay this adorable forever?!

But wait... they can!

Because "forever" CAN HAPPEN in a portrait!

We can't ever roll back the time, but we can capture it while it lasts!

Remember the moment. Cherished Images can help :)

To see more professional pet photography by Cherished Images in Boise- CLICK HERE

Reaching Out To Boise Business Owners...

We Are Here to Help Boise Rebound!!

Dear Local Boise and Meridian Business Owners,

 We believe in giving back and helping others, help themselves. Supporting our fellow local businesses by meeting a common need without expending any cash, is the best way we have to offer assistance to our community.

As a small local business owner of 20+ years, it’s times like this when we understand more than ever, the power of community.  With many businesses (and cashflow) coming to a complete halt, it’s time to band together (from a healthy social distance, of course!) and maximize the power of the internet.

The 8th Street Studio wants to help!

Our local and award-winning professional photographers, from both Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign at The 8thStreet Studio will offer commercial photography services to locally owned brick and mortar storefronts for FREE!

This service is a $1250 value, which will be completely waived for a limited time, and comes with no strings attached.


Here are the details to qualify:



What we are offering:



What we request in return:



We genuinely want to help the Treasure Valley Community stay vibrant and alive with a future forward outlook to brighter tomorrows. 

If you are interested in finding out more details and would like to see your business photographed and featured, please call us.



Phil White or Kelly Zimmerman

The 8th Street Studio

208-996-6922  - 521 S. 8th Street Boise, ID 83702 -

Turning Into A Couch Potato Yet?!

I'm pretty sure that I am!

Not because I've "wanted to"... but this Stay At Home, Coronavirus/Covid-19 thing is driving us all a tad stir crazy. (Can anyone relate? LOL!)

Here's a fun little family project that I did with my kids.

It was a great way to exercise their creative minds, kill some time, and keep them from driving each other (and me!) completely batty.

As a fun little side bonus, it's also helped us to stay connected with friends and family!

Follow me on Instagram, as I've posted my little Idaho Potato Family to my Instagram account @cherishedchildren

You can keep your family from turning into couch potatoes too!

** Here's How- Set your kitchen timer for 30 minutes and see what you and the kiddos can come up with from the kitchen to represent each member of your family.  

Helpful Hint: I also raided my junk drawer, and my daughter's Barbie box for a little inspiration.  Elijah's "Mickey Mouse" hat is an old sock from The Sock Monster's leftover pile ;)

Potato Family Created by Kelly Zimmerman as a way to keep kids from complete boredom

If you decide to play- please hashtag #MyCherishedFamily so I can see what y'all have come up with!


Who ever thought a "long weekend" could get old?!

This long "extended weekend" that I've always dreamt about has become a little more like Groundhog Day (the movie!).

Or maybe even more like the mini-feature from Disney's Once Upon a Christmas- "Donald Duck's Stuck On Christmas".  We've become like Huey, Dewey and Louie, who once found the holiday a blast, but quickly become bored with it as the day happens over, and over, and OVER again!

Even Disney knows that there is such thing as too much fun with Donald Ducks nephews experiencing Christmas over and over again

Anyone else out there with bored children who are stuck at home actually BEGGING to go to school?! WTW?

It's super confusing, as each day seems to draaaaaggg by, and yet the weeks seem to be flying?!

Could it be that it's because bills are due again soon?! Ugh.

Each day as I write in my bullet journal (bujo), I write the date, along with the DAY of the week.  

If it weren't for that and my iWatch, I'm pretty sure I might not even know what day of the week it was. Sigh.

On a positive note, I also make a list of the things I'm grateful for, making sure to write a highlight of each day.

Daily gratitude, counting my blessings, and making sure that I have a clue what I did for the day has helped keep me slightly more productive.

A surprising byproduct of owning a small local business that is closed right now, is that I've found myself with something I'm not sure that I ever thought I'd reclaim- spare time!!

Cherished Images Boise Family Photographer Times Flying

Having spare time is a luxury that I have indulged in. Yes, sometimes on the sofa, but I've also been able to use it to further my creative efforts.

As a full time professional photographer, photography is now my career, not really a hobby.

After 20 years of owning my own photography studio, it was pretty rare to pick up my camera just for the fun of it.  

With the exception of travel photography, fashion and design, and digitally painting and compositing pictures for competition, my art business did not allow for as much fun stuff as I would have hoped.

As a born artist and entrepreneur, I knew from a VERY young age, that I was supposed to create art.

Even as a child, I was peddling my wares!

Picture of earrings created by child artist

My mom found these earrings that I made somewhere in her stuff when she was moving up here to Idaho a few years ago and gave them to me. It was my first attempt at "branding" some of my creations!

She said I was probably not much older than 10 or so when I made them. LOL! Can't believe she kept them for all these years!!

Stained glass, pottery, writing, painting, cooking, jewelry... there's not much I didn't try. Creative projecting was my middle name!  

And then came LIFE...

My first child was born just before I turned 20. I opened my first downtown studio location when I was 21, and well... the rest is history.

Life just got busier and busier. Spare time?!

I quite literally was NEVER BORED. I didn't even know what the word boredom meant!

Each day was so jam packed full of "stuff" that I had little downtime to relish in.

I'm pretty sure that's where my extreme WANDERLUST came from.  

Exploring the world through vacations was the one time I was able to truly unplug, unwind, and spend quality time with my kiddos.

Work hard to PLAY hard, that was my life's motto.

Making more, so that I could go further- like LITERALLY further!  I haven't been EVERYWHERE (yet!) but it's on my list.

Map of the world to explore

Counting my wins-

Traveling for fun, at least once per quarter, has been a goal (that I've actually accomplished) for over 5 years now.

Growing up in Southern California, I've ALWAYS been a HUGE Disney Fan... like I mean H-U-G-E!!

I've held annual passes to both Disneyland and Disney World (I had both in 2015!) and have been fortunate enough to even go on 7 Disney cruises.

When I say that I'm a Disney fan... it might be closer to "fanatical"! LOL

When I bought into Disney Vacation Club (DVC) a couple of years ago, it just fueled my passion even that much more. I've officially stayed at every DVC property, with the exception of Aulani, Hilton Head, and now, the new Riviera (although I actually got to ride the sky tram there and walk through the property!) If any of you have any questions about Disney vacations, or just like to talk Disney, I'm your gal!

Missing Disney because I'm "grounded", makes me appreciate the vacation photos that we've taken through the years even more!

If you've been pursuing old travel photos and reminiscing the past like I have, what a better time to create a vacation story book?

White Glove Guided Photo Finishing Service can help with that!

We help you sort through your favorite pics and create a custom designed, printed memory album.  This book creates something tangible that you can touch, hold and feel again! Eliminating the pain of digging through files on your phone or computer!

Printed photos and professionally created memory books are one of the best ways to keepsake your favorite moments!

So... No business, no travel, and no fun??

Actually that's not true at all! Well, maybe the no travel part, but The 8th Street Studio is accepting appointments!

Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign are actively accepting appointments, fulfilling orders, and going through archives for clients. We are doing whatever we can to keep the ship a float!  Granted, it's not near to the volume that it needs to be at, but we do still have a business, and God willing... it will stay that way!

And the  "no fun" part... well... that's just not true either!

Actually we've had loads of fun!  Probably just like many of you, I've spent more quality time with my family ("forced" or otherwise) than I have in a long time.

We've sang karaoke, rode bikes, taken drives, had TONS of spa time in the hot tub, cooked meals, baked cookies... so along with all the bickering that comes along with bored kiddos, there have been many of highlights as well.

I have literally watched springtime in Boise unveil itself like never before! Right before my eyes! Because I'm actually watching (uh... paying attention is probably closer to the truth.)

And that long "extended weekend" thing, that has indeed lost a bit of it's charm, has made me grow as both an artist, and a person!

I completed a colored pencil drawing on wood, that I would have NEVER even attempted before, due to lack of time.

From 2 different worlds, bird flirts with koi fish pencil drawing by Kelly Zimmerman local Boise Artist

I've watched YouTube tutorials (even though I mostly hate watching videos) on drawing, painting, sketching, and the like... that I would never have done before.  I even purchased a set of TomBow pens to further my hand lettering and art skills that I have mostly neglected in the past.

Not to mention that I FINALLY "mostly" set up my home office to allow me to do as much as possible from my "happy place" (my 23 year old daughters reclaimed bedroom) where I do yoga, mediate, write in my journal, draw in my sketchbook, read.... what ever floats my boat on any given day. As an introverted artist, it's SO NICE to actually have a place to unwind in!

So, as much "wha-whaing" (ok, whining) as I've done about Staying At Home to "slow the spread"... there's been many blessings that have come out of it, that I would have never seen, or had (made?) time for before.

Life has changed... indeed.

But maybe it was a nice "reset" button that many of us needed.

Here's to family time, creative thinking, and brighter tomorrows-

With Love and Virtual Hugs-


Kelly Zimmerman, artist, photographer, small business owner- Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography at The 8th Street Studio - Boise, Idaho


Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman Awarded 2020 "Idaho Photographer Of The Year"

We are so excited to announce that our very own photographic artist, Kelly Zimmerman, has been awarded "Idaho Photographer of the Year" by Professional Photographers of Idaho!

With a print scoring a perfect 100, and an average case score of 94, her showings helped to gain this prestigious title for the 2nd year in a row. 3 judges choice ribbons and multiple trophies now adorn The 8th Street Studio along with other high honors from her 20 year career.

Associate Master Photographer, Phil White, swept the Master Senior Photographer category, along with pulling in various other awards given to some of the best photographers in Idaho.

Boise represented as a key player in the professional photography industry, and we are lucky enough to have some of the top artists in the Northwest right here at Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign!

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman And Phil White from The 8th Street Studio

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman (with husband Steven Zimmerman) & Master Photographer Phil White (with wife Michelle White) Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography and CsiPhotoDesign in The 8th Street Studio

Please contact The 8th Street Studio to see how award winning wall art can be custom created for your family or business 208-996-6922