Reaching Out To Boise Business Owners...

We Are Here to Help Boise Rebound!!

Dear Local Boise and Meridian Business Owners,

 We believe in giving back and helping others, help themselves. Supporting our fellow local businesses by meeting a common need without expending any cash, is the best way we have to offer assistance to our community.

As a small local business owner of 20+ years, it’s times like this when we understand more than ever, the power of community.  With many businesses (and cashflow) coming to a complete halt, it’s time to band together (from a healthy social distance, of course!) and maximize the power of the internet.

The 8th Street Studio wants to help!

Our local and award-winning professional photographers, from both Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign at The 8thStreet Studio will offer commercial photography services to locally owned brick and mortar storefronts for FREE!

This service is a $1250 value, which will be completely waived for a limited time, and comes with no strings attached.


Here are the details to qualify:



What we are offering:



What we request in return:



We genuinely want to help the Treasure Valley Community stay vibrant and alive with a future forward outlook to brighter tomorrows. 

If you are interested in finding out more details and would like to see your business photographed and featured, please call us.



Phil White or Kelly Zimmerman

The 8th Street Studio

208-996-6922  - 521 S. 8th Street Boise, ID 83702 -

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman Awarded 2020 "Idaho Photographer Of The Year"

We are so excited to announce that our very own photographic artist, Kelly Zimmerman, has been awarded "Idaho Photographer of the Year" by Professional Photographers of Idaho!

With a print scoring a perfect 100, and an average case score of 94, her showings helped to gain this prestigious title for the 2nd year in a row. 3 judges choice ribbons and multiple trophies now adorn The 8th Street Studio along with other high honors from her 20 year career.

Associate Master Photographer, Phil White, swept the Master Senior Photographer category, along with pulling in various other awards given to some of the best photographers in Idaho.

Boise represented as a key player in the professional photography industry, and we are lucky enough to have some of the top artists in the Northwest right here at Cherished Images and CsiPhotoDesign!

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman And Phil White from The 8th Street Studio

Boise Photographer Kelly Zimmerman (with husband Steven Zimmerman) & Master Photographer Phil White (with wife Michelle White) Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography and CsiPhotoDesign in The 8th Street Studio

Please contact The 8th Street Studio to see how award winning wall art can be custom created for your family or business 208-996-6922

The Only Thing Certain in Life...

Well, besides “death and taxes”, of course… is CHANGE!

And we are experiencing that on a daily basis in this crazy world we’re living in!

There’s no “doom and gloom” to be found in this post, nor is it all rainbows, sparkles, and unicorns… however we are always on the lookout for unicorns, or at least a good ‘out of the box’ perspective and some whimsical fun! (Especially when reality hits the fan!)

And even more than that, we’re ALWAYS happy to see the rainbow after a rainstorm! As we do truly believe that life is all about perception and what you choose to set your mind on.


Towards the bottom of this very longwinded post is where you can find what we’re doing to help in the meantime!


Sure, we could choose to get caught up in the frenzy, the negative social media, or the panic that has stricken a better part of our modern world… but when you choose to surround yourself with positive messages, encouragement and hope, your overall outlook PAST the current events, can give you a reason to keep on- keeping on!

- Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you can’t help but be inundated with news about Coronavirus (COVID-19) that is turning people into varying degrees of house-bound, germophobic, toilet paper hoarders… and even those of us who aren’t specifically prone to worry and anxiety, have limits that are being tested!

- Children home from school begging to go play with their friends, hands so cracked and dry from extra sanitizing and scrubbing, almost completely bare shelves at many local grocery stores, and “out of stock” labels where the price should be on necessities from online retailers.

It seems like the entire world has lost their minds in some fashion or another, and boy oh boy, do we get it!!


While much of what I say is, “tongue in cheek”, it is not to undermine the serious nature of those being affected by this, as we realize there are MANY of us that are experiencing MAJOR challenges with health, isolation, economic worries, amongst other trickle effects that none of us are immune from. We feel it too!


Change- it’s hard!


The number of emails that we’ve been receiving on the COVID-19 virus has caused me only to postpone writing this note, as I was almost hesitant to reach out about a subject that most of us are sick of hearing about, yet we have no choice but to listen up and pay attention, as social distancing to help slow the spread only works when everyone participates, there are important matters at hand.


It's undeniable, the world as we know it, has changed.


I avoid social media, almost like the plague, as it tends to be a breeding ground for rumors and negativity, and I’m not sure about you, but I only have so much time and energy and prefer to spend it on the most important things.

Facts, Family, Fun, and of course, meeting the needs of our loyal clients, many of whom fit into my “FAMILY” category, as my 20 year career in the memory-making business has indeed created a whole lineage of extended “brothers and sisters” whom I love so dearly!


Here at The 8th Street Studio we’ve been spending the last several weeks brainstorming how we can best serve some of our favorite friends and family members, helping to assist them through one of the most turbulent times of change that most of us have experienced.


We want to let you know, first and foremost… we’re HERE for you!! And we’re listening to YOU!

At our clean, low-volume portrait studio, our phone lines, inboxes, and (at least currently) our doors, are OPEN to receive your thoughts, concerns, and even just a listening ear if you need it.  As of now, we are very thankfully, healthy and ready to help!

You will find our empathy pouring out to you as we navigate these changing and uncertain times, as we too, are dealing with the same change.

One thing that can either divide or strengthen and build a community is how we handle any given situation, especially one that no one has control over.  We would like to spread a message of CONNECTION, LOVE, and HOPE out to all of those that this pandemic is affecting.

I have been encouraged to see many people band together, words of kindness spread abundantly, and thoughts of a brighter tomorrow, to help compensate for some of the negative news and fear of the future.

We may not know what tomorrow holds, but we do know WHO holds the future, and when you have this assurance, a peace that passes all understanding can be yours as well. If you don’t know what I’m referring to, please feel free to ask me.

In the meantime, I would like to personally assure you of the extra precautionary measures we are taking here at The 8th Street Studio to make sure you’re taken care of, not only for the present moment, but well into the future.



We, like many small “mom and pop” shops feel the direct impact of crazy times like these, even a little more than most, as we don’t have a giant storehouse built up to pull from when we look to pay our mortgages and feed our families. As bills and overhead continue to arrive daily, your support is both appreciated and a true gift that I have mounds of gratitude for.

Supporting local businesses during these trying times is vital. What this looks like will mean different things to different people, but I for one will be trying to patronize local restaurants with to-go orders, shopping online local shops and stores whenever possible, and certainly praying for anyone who asks, as that’s the very best I have to offer right now.

When we band together, we can move mountains. Let’s take time to celebrate little victories along the way, cheer each other on and raise awareness for not only cleanliness and hygiene practices, but common courtesy and ‘pay it forward’ practices as well.


Here’s what we at The 8th Street Studio are doing to help you during these trying times.









We're here for you! We “get it”.


Don’t let time steal anymore precious moments- Let us help you find the fun, and create memories, even to spite the current global situation.


Virtual Hugs to all- with love

Kelly Zimmerman

Cherished Images at The 8th Street Studio









Press Release Kelly Zimmerman Photographer of the Year for the state of Idaho

Kelly Zimmerman was named Boise's best photographer by bringing home top honors during Professional Photographers of Idaho Event

Boise, Idaho.—August 2, 2017—Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography located in The 8th Street Studio, is proud to announce a remarkable showing by the company’s owner, Photographer Kelly Zimmerman. This past year, during the Professional Photographers of Idaho annual convention and state print competition Zimmerman exceeded expectations by winning 3 judges choice awards, Idaho Photographer’s Choice, Court of Honor, Best of Show, and ultimately earned the title of-




Kelly didn’t stop there, her images also went on to compete at Western Districts and took The Sunset Print Award by LexJet and from there, on to the International Print Competition held by Professional Photographers of America, where 2 of her images were chosen for the exclusive Loan Collection to be represented in a professional showcase next to some of the “best of the best”.


This phenomenal showing qualifies Kelly for further recognitions and sets a precedence that Idaho has some of the Nations Top Photographers.


Kelly was modest and almost teary eyed when accepting her awards. “I feel everyone did an excellent job, I am truly honored. By working together we can accomplish even more”.


Established in 1999, Cherished Images is now one of the longest standing professional photography studios in the Treasure Valley. Kelly Zimmerman, with the help of fellow Master Photographer, Phil White of CsiPhotoDesign, operate The 8th Street Studio, a full service photography studio where nationally award winning artists preserve moments in time, as memories, for generations to come. Standing for both quality service and integrity, Kelly is a remarkable example of a true entrepreneurial spirit and continues to demonstrate another success story for women in today’s business world.

Riddle Me This - April 2017



Riddle Me This- Play along for a chance to win!


Congratulations to Jaelith W. of Boise for guessing the correct answer to the last edition of Riddle Me This!  Thanks for playing along!  And in case anyone was interested, she voted for Dutch ;)

Here's another chance to WIN!  "Win what?", you ask?  Well... seeing as how almost everyone loves a sweet little treat, we're giving away a cup of coffee, or refresher or frost or... well, you get the picture... and I guess we're not giving away the cup to be exact, that'd be too hard to mail, but we'll send you a gift card to either Starbucks or Dutch Bros - your choice!  Just a little token to say, "Well done" for figuring out our brain teaser.

So... how do you play?  Solve this riddle below (and no cheating... we all know that the Almighty Google knows all... but really, where's the fun in that?) and then submit your answer to  We will pick one winner that submitted the correct answer and contact them back with the really hard question... Starbucks or Dutch? LOL.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get your problem solving skills warmed up and when you think you've figured it out, email us at to submit the answer.  Easy Peasy!  Answers due by April 15, 2017 - Get your thinking cap on and PLAY!


What does man love more than life?
Fear more than death or mortal strife?
What do the poor have, what the rich require,
And what contented men desire?
What does the miser spend, the spendthrift save,
And all men carry to their graves?


The Importance of Photography- Student Interview and Essay of Photographer in Boise


Photography Shows Us Amazing Things

I want you to look around your environment. Whether this is at your house, office, or walking down the street you will come in contact with something called photography. Pictures are seen on your desk, the internet, billboards, and your favorite cereal box. Almost everywhere you go you have been impacted by a photograph. You have either been the person behind the camera, the one posing, or the one staring at an advertisement in a magazine. The world of photography has changed dramatically in the past couple years and continues to change. The cameras on our phones, and ease of uploading our photos to the internet has made the number of images in our world explode. Marvin Heiferman explains that millions of photographic images are seen throughout the world and the number rises every day. Photography impacts us to the point that it is an important part of our lives in some aspect even if it’s different from one person to the next. Photography's extensive depth of possibilities and the enjoyment and need of images is clearly amazing (12).  Each of us has done something with a picture even if you don’t see yourself as a photographer. This shows us that photography is important.

We as human beings are expected to overlook some details of something. None of us can possibly take in every little part of a fast moving sunset (Seger). Or take in every detail of a place you have never been before and maybe never will again. Sherlock Holmes may be the exception since he is known for seeing every little thing, but since we are not all Sherlock Holmes we need a different way to take in all the small details that make up our existence. We overlook the importance of photography in showing us these details. The camera is a recording machine which captures the best, worst, strange, and funny moments of our lives. Those moments make up our existence and the camera ties into that existence by recording the details of the moment. Each part of our life and the world is interesting and photography is an important piece that shows somebody else (and ourselves) the detailed moments of our life. While we concentrate on the overall view of our life the photograph we took will show us the small details we may have missed later. Photography is important because we can document something and have it forever. Photography lets us see something we may never have noticed otherwise. Photography is a way to express your ideas for others to see.

There is no way to deny that life flies by. One day it’s Tuesday then all of sudden the sun is rising again and it is Wednesday. The memories you made at one time in your life starts to fade as more days pass in-between till perhaps one day you can’t remember at all. This was an important topic that came up during an interview I had with Kelly Zimmerman from Cherished Images photography on 8th St. and Fulton St. in downtown Boise. I parked my car, slung my pink, flowered bag onto my shoulder; gathered up my jitters as best I could and strolled towards the red brick building with the large sign ‘The 8th Street Studio’ above the door. Inside the photography studio there was plenty of space for laughter, huge smiles, and lots of fun. Photography equipment along with antique and modern props took up other parts of the space. I plunged into the soft, leather couch and took in the rest of my surroundings; especially the huge, picturesque windows in the front and the side of the building. The natural light bounced around the room landing on wooden crates, stools, and stacks of books. The light shone off of a beautiful photo of several Saint Bernard puppies with pink tongues hanging out. I brought my attention to Zimmerman who sat in the armchair to my right.

During the middle of the interview I asked the question, “what is your favorite subject to photograph and why?” After she answered the question I mentioned how much I love to take pictures of my niece and nephews. Kelly smiled and said you’re capturing a tiny essence of who they are. It’s important to capture that because it’s a moment you will never get back and now it is a memory locked in a picture. She continued, “The only way to hold on to those moments is to be able to look back on them. Not through your head since that will fail you no matter how much you think oh I will never forget this moment, it’s so awesome. You will. Photographs are the only way to make sure you don’t forget and help to remind you and help your memory along.” Since we will never get back moments in our life photography is an important way to gather the moment’s details into a picture we will have forever.

Photography is an amazing way to document every moment of our lives so we will have that memory forever. You can look back on the photograph and remember what was special during the time frame it was taken. Zimmerman states even when a loved one is gone from this earth the pictures you captured of them is the “proof of their existence” (Zimmerman). With photography you can document each stage in your life journey and the life journey of those important to you. Not only is photography a way to document events in your life, but also document the events of the world that turn into history. These photographs are important so we don’t forget what took place and for the future generation to have proof. To point out just how powerful photography is on documenting things Heiferman quotes Henry Luce, from Life magazine in the 1930s:

To see life, to see the world, to eyewitness great events; to watch the faces of the poor and the gestures of the proud; to see strange things- machines, armies, multitudes, shadows in the jungle and on the moon, to see man's work- his paintings, towers, and discoveries, to see things thousands of miles away, things hidden behind walls and within rooms, things dangerous to come... to see and be amazed; to see and be instructed. (11-12)

I can always find something in a photograph that I missed while I took the picture. Sometimes it is someone in the background making a funny face which provides me with plenty of laughs. If the camera did not click right at that second no one would have seen that face which is worth seeing and showing to them when they are twenty. Other times it is the smiling faces which remind me about what that moment meant to them. Both of these examples tie back to the joy that we were experiencing in life. The joy was captured and as you look back on the picture you see the tiny details – a smile or silly face- of that joy that you would have missed if the camera was not there.

Expressions on the subjects’ faces are captured by a camera, but the photographer’s expression is also captured each time they push the shutter button. You have ideas and photography is a way to bring those ideas to life. Photography allows you to show others the unique perspective that is hidden inside your head. Photojournalist George Lang believes photography is “an excuse to say things you would edit out of a normal conversation, do things you would hold back from doing” (Lang 9). You have a voice and photography is a way to use it. When someone looks at your pictures those pictures speak for you. They tell that person the details about what you’re passionate about. God made every person unique and photography is important to express that uniqueness to yourself and others!

Photography is an important part of our lives. Photography can only be important though if we are in the moment and not just shooting the look of something. If we are just shooting the way something looks we are in danger of missing the real reason why we took the picture in the first place (Lang 11). Researcher Linda Henkel of Fairfield University argues in an article from the Huffington Post that the camera can get in the way for us to actually attend a moment. There are times that the camera becomes more important than the moment we are photographing. When that happens it may be best to put the camera down and take in the moment. But if the camera goes down the details of the moment will be lost forever. What is the solution? Blogger Sierra Black concludes “what we need isn’t fewer photos. It’s to become better photographers.” We realize photography’s power when we take the right type of pictures. These are the pictures that deep down connect the moment and the person. When we hold an actual print in our hands and look at it we realize amazing things about our existence.

No matter where you go photography plays into your life somehow. We don’t realize how big of an impact photography truly has on us until we see the details of our life hidden in a photograph. When you flip through your photo album and start looking for those details you suddenly realize you are truly blessed. A photograph keeps a moment frozen in time so we have it forever. Something like joy becomes clearer as we look deeper into the photograph. What you care about shouts from the photograph you took. Photography is important so we don’t look over the special details while we concentrate on the bigger picture of life. Those details make our lives interesting and we don’t want to miss them. Lauren from, points out that “Photographers never stop shooting. Why would you? Life never stops being interesting.” Never stop capturing your life, because more adventures wait for you that need to be frozen in time.

Written By: Emily Holty (posted with permission)

Kathryn Bowen

English 101 Unit 2

6 March 2016


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The Santa Experience 2016 - Booking Now

This exclusive photography event and portrait experience is held only once a year, and it's in November, so don't wait!  Cherished Images Fine Art Portrait Photography in The 8th Street Studio host Santa's vintage inspired workshop to help benefit The Ronald McDonald House in Boise.  Book The Santa Experience for your little ones today.  Appointments are very limited and they fill quickly. Make memories your child will never forget and capture them in pictures FOREVER! Check out the website at The Santa Experience and find out how to keepsake these priceless moments to share and enjoy for years to come.

Meet "the new guy"...

Phil White

In fall of 2014, Phil White, formerly of Phil White Photography took a leap of faith to come join the team at the now, 8th Street Studio. Phil has been in the industry for well over 20 years, spending a portion of that as the lab and print manager for Idaho Camera. Phil is well versed in both the technical and the artistry portion of photography.

As a career photographer, Phil White has earned his Master of Photography with the Professional Photographers of America. He also serves as a board member for Professional Photographers of Idaho and Boise Music Week and has won many awards on both a local and international level. Phil continues to pursue his love of the arts and currently spends most of his time managing CsiPhotoDesign and helping Kelly keep her head on straight when things get crazy!

Phil has a low key and laid back approach that contrasts well with Kelly's high energy enthusiasm. He is a great listener and works very hard to create custom artwork for families with older children and high school seniors, especially when it comes to creating unique sports composites for high school athletes! Phil also works well with Old Hollywood style lighting which we incorporate into our Bringing Classy Back line. Bringing Classy Back is a fashionable fusion of tasteful, approachable glamour and boudoir (you know, the stuff you're not afraid to show your neighbor) with a unique vintage lighting style and a modern twist! Looking forward to showing more of these off soon! Please check out our soon to be updated Csi Photo Design website for more information!