Check it out!!! Yay!! The Santa Experience Website is Up!!

Super Excited!!  Just got the website up for The Santa Experience by Cherished Images!!  Check it out... (Let me know if there are any typos... this was a quick one!)

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The Santa Experience is happening in Boise, Idaho. Limited and Exclusive. Book now!

Well, I did it... (Gulp...)

I officially "linked" this blog site to the website.  Oh boy.  Yes, you experienced bloggers... laugh.  Laugh now.  As, I truly am feeling my way around this in the dark!  (Can you say, fish outta water?!)  I'm sure I could use some help, so if anyone's really good at this stuff.  Contact me... maybe we can work a little sumthin' sumpthin' out?!  Maybe?  Yup, I know when I'm in over my head.  But hey, a little kudos for trying???  Luckily I'm a pretty fast learner.  Just one more thing on the plate.  Bring on the balance... bring it on!!