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Riddle Me This – September 2016



Riddle Me This- Play along for a chance to win!


Photographers are artists who like to have fun, and we’d love to share in the fun with you by giving you a chance to WIN!  “Win what?”, you ask?  Well… we’re gonna try to change it up a bit from time to time, but this month we’re giving away a cup of coffee… well, not the cup exactly, that’d be too hard to mail, but we’ll send you a gift card to either Starbucks or Dutch Bros – your choice- then you’re not even limited to coffee! Latte, tea, chai, hot cocoa.. your call!  Just a little token to say, “Well done” for figuring out our brain teaser.

So… how do you play?  Solve this riddle below (and no cheating… we all know that the Almighty Google knows all… but really, where’s the fun in that?) and then submit your answer to  We will pick one winner that submitted the correct answer and contact them back with the really hard question… Starbucks or Dutch? LOL.  So, what are you waiting for?  Get your problem solving skills warmed up and when you think you’ve figured it out, email us at to submit the answer.  Easy Peasy!  Answers due by September 30, 2016 – Get your thinking cap on and PLAY!


A father and his son have a combined age of 145. When the father was his son’s current age he was twice as old as his son. How old are the father and son? 

Meet “the new guy”…

Phil White

In fall of 2014, Phil White, formerly of Phil White Photography took a leap of faith to come join the team at the now, 8th Street Studio. Phil has been in the industry for well over 20 years, spending a portion of that as the lab and print manager for Idaho Camera. Phil is well versed in both the technical and the artistry portion of photography.

As a career photographer, Phil White has earned his Master of Photography with the Professional Photographers of America. He also serves as a board member for Professional Photographers of Idaho and Boise Music Week and has won many awards on both a local and international level. Phil continues to pursue his love of the arts and currently spends most of his time managing CsiPhotoDesign and helping Kelly keep her head on straight when things get crazy!

Phil has a low key and laid back approach that contrasts well with Kelly’s high energy enthusiasm. He is a great listener and works very hard to create custom artwork for families with older children and high school seniors, especially when it comes to creating unique sports composites for high school athletes! Phil also works well with Old Hollywood style lighting which we incorporate into our Bringing Classy Back line. Bringing Classy Back is a fashionable fusion of tasteful, approachable glamour and boudoir (you know, the stuff you’re not afraid to show your neighbor) with a unique vintage lighting style and a modern twist! Looking forward to showing more of these off soon! Please check out our soon to be updated Csi Photo Design website for more information!

What if being “unproductive”, was actually “productive”?

Here’s a repost from a fellow photographer’s blog that I found intriguing.  Being an “overachiever” myself, one of my biggest pet peeves is feeling “unproductive”.  I have often times worked through lunch just to catch up from less productive moments in the day and to squeeze out every last second of the work week to accomplish everything I hope to accomplish.  Getting up from the computer to use the restroom or even eat, can “feel” difficult when your plate is, figuratively, full.

What if “focus”, at least all the time, was actually overrated?  Overachiever ADD types rejoice!  ;)

This article, once again enforces that self-care (i.e. taking a break, eating, even a massage or pedicure, maybe?!) is NOT selfish.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, how can we take care of ANYTHING else.  So for any other workaholic mommy business owners out there who have ever felt “guilty” for taking a little you time… this maybe just what we need to hear.  Again :)

The Overachiever’s Guide To Taking a Break